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About wapSPELL
wapSPELL is a dream... A dream to unite like-minded people from all over the world through latest technology and most efficient communication platform. We have engineered it in such a way that it works super fast even on very slow internet connections. It is super light on bandwidth.

It is a social networking service for mobile where people from all over the world can be in touch with each other. You can easily find friends of your own interests. Every user can make rich profiles, which act as amazing introduction to others. You can easily express yourself through our discussion forums. All the users can be contacted via the conveniently available private messaging. We also provide you an innovative mode of communication which we are the first ever to provide - The Bubbles. Bubbles are instant messages which get delivered right in front of the receiver without any delays! Bubbles are ultra fast and super convenient. Users can also gather in chatrooms to have group chats along with PMs. To make your messages and texts much more expressive and lively, we provide you more than 5,000 smilies and icons along with various formatting tags (known as Style Tags). They can be used all over the site. :)

You can also create your own group to start building your own followership of users. Organize your own events, invite your buddies into them and have fun!

wapSPELL is not just a community site, it is a family. Unlike any other community site, we strictly do not allow bullying here. It is a decent place for harmony, friendship and information exchange. You can easily choose various privacy settings to keep yourself at ease.

This is just the outline. We have a stupendous number of features that you would definitely enjoy.

We have a dedicated staff team on wapSPELL which would help you round the clock with your queries and other issues. They also strive to keep wapSPELL a decent, safe and friendly haven for all of us. It is safe even for minors...
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