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+ Deadly storm knocks out power in U.S. South, threatens east coast
+ IMF gives Mozambique 118 million for Cyclone Idai rebuilding
+ Emma Thompson, weeping teenagers join peaceful climate protest in London
+ Swedish climate activist Thunberg admits she might be 'very naive'
+ Climate change protesters descend on France's SocGen, energy companies
+ Eni, Fincantieri, Terna and CDP team up to build wave power stations
+ China's top steelmaking city Tangshan issues second-level smog alert from April 20
+ China to promote using wind energy to power heating
+ South Korea steps up shift to cleaner energy, sets long-term renewable power targets
+ Fukushima owner to allow overseas staff to work on disaster cleanup
+ Brazil president says he wants the Amazon to be exploited 'in a reasonable way'
+ Climate-change protesters say they will target London's Heathrow Airport
+ Out of a drawer and into your nightmares comes a vicious ancient beast
+ Climate-change protesters disrupt London docklands train service
+ Schools evacuated, subway services halted as quake rocks Taiwan
+ Preaching to the converted: Swedish teen climate activist gets pope's blessing
+ Green economy good news for copper producers: Antofagasta chairman
+ Endangered New Zealand Kakapo population boosted by record number of chicks
+ Thunderstorm across Indian states kills at least 60: radio
+ South Carolina aims to bar offshore drilling with budget proposal