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+ Sweden ramps up battle against wildfires amid prolonged drought
+ Fierce winds, arid conditions threaten to stoke deadly Oregon wildfire
+ Croatia helps Albania to tackle waste thrown into Adriatic
+ Mild earthquake felt in Mexico City as residents evacuate buildings
+ London Zoo keepers save premature penguin chick
+ UK government begins consultation on shale gas planning reforms
+ Japanese inventors step up to offer relief from sweltering heat
+ British moorland fire extinguished after more than three weeks
+ Vietnam warns of floods, landslides after tropical storm Son Tinh hits
+ Gas leak at Suncor's Edmonton refinery, workers sent to hospital
+ One dead, two firefighters hurt battling wildfires in U.S. West
+ Two rare shark attacks reported along New York's Fire Island beaches
+ Lava from Kilauea 'collapse explosion' destroys Hawaii structures
+ Texas power demand hits all-time peak during heat wave: ERCOT
+ Biofuel groups ask U.S. government to slow small refinery waiver program
+ U.S. court blocks EPA decision not to enforce 'glider truck' limits
+ California wildfire moves toward Yosemite, small mountain towns
+ Hot, dry conditions may stoke largely unchecked California wildfire
+ UK to require big companies to report CO2 emissions from April 2019
+ Palm oil from Indonesia's shrinking forests taints global brands: report