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+ Grandparents Day celebrated
+ Harmeet, Parasmani win inter-bank declamation contest
+ Forum directs LIT to allot a plot at rate prevailing 35 years ago
+ Exhibition at Fab India
+ Students apprised of educational avenues abroad
+ N-deal is Bofors scams sequel, says Grewal
+ Traffic awareness drive kicks off
+ Health dept to fill 5,943 posts
+ Religious leaders fume as Governor refuses to meet them
+ RTI: NGOs efforts pay, officers asked to pay up
+ N-deal fame Karnal MP demands inquiry by HC judge
+ FIR against retired tourism official; senior IAS officer also named
+ Pre-feasibility survey for Leh rail line project gets NOC
+ New Pradesh Congress Committee appeases all
+ Dropouts find their way back to school
+ EC orders transfer of DSP, SHO in Moga
+ Inebriated man strangles daughter to death
+ Demand for separate SGPC a conspiracy: Sikh high priests
+ Congress leader killed; Akali held
+ PM has failed Amritsar, says Sidhu
+ Cong MLAs slam report indicting Capt
+ Striking PepsiCo staff block highway for 4 hrs
+ Punjab to have three new jails soon
+ Abdul Hamids memory to stand tall
+ Two killed, 13 injured in road accident
+ Court sends Nagori and others to 14-day police remand
+ MSU Board of Studies to hold meetings from Sept 15
+ Wine baroness
+ Six injured in communal clashes during Ganesh immersion in Bharuch
+ Dance with Me
+ Keen to keep order, cops issue warning to MNS menhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359547.htmlA day after a fiery speech by Raj Thackeray addressed to a gathering of mediapersons and a consequent gag order served by the police... Keen to keep order, cops issue warning to MNS men</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=31">+ Dip in suspected gastro cases in the cityhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359560.htmlFor the first time in the last seven days, the number of suspected cases of gastroenteritis being reported from affected areas of Prem Nagar and Ishwar Colony in Dhandari has dipped to less than 15 cases on a single day. Dip in suspected gastro cases in the city</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=32">+ Lucknow temple gets first woman mahanthttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359540.htmlCall it the changing tides. Arunima Singh (25) took over as the first woman mahant of renowned Mankameshwar Temple in Lucknow on Tuesday. Lucknow temple gets first woman mahant</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=33">+ NHAI chief to be present in court on next hearing: HC</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=34">+ This Dassera gold buyers likely to get green toppings</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=35">+ Let them wear Hermeshttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359525.htmlThe Vogue photoshoot treats poverty as wallpaper and makes manifest what we keep trying to forget. Let them wear Hermes</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=36">+ New RBI Governor hints at more caution on interest rate hikes</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=37">+ Obama fans out,McCain stays put</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=38">+ Limited appeal</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=39">+ Dont call it blackmailhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359473.htmlThere is no reason why India and Australia cannot be on the same nuclear page Dont call it blackmail</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=40">+ Cheap Chinese imports may face duties</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=41">+ CBI chargesheets UP Home Secy in recruitment scandal</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=42">+ In top gear, but ready to slow down</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=43">+ Ahead of India visit, Prachanda stuck between Govt, party agenda</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=44">+ Asha forever</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=45">+ Right under BMC nose</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=46">+ Kalol police seize liquor consignment worth Rs 1.9 crore</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=47">+ To settle personal scores, priest denies burial</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=48">+ Bengal tells Tatas: Nano plant wont be touched</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=49">+ Housing scheme for urban poor yet to take off...</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=50">+ HC issues contempt notice to Haryana DIG for filing false affidavit</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=51">+ Conductor hangs himself in State bus</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=52">+ A rough justicehttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359521.htmlThe recent disclosure that the Chief Justice of India had recommended the impeachment of a juCalcutta High Court... A rough justice</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=53">+ Scientists look for Origin answers in Big Bang experiment</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=54">+ Bengal tells Tatas: Nano plant wont be touched</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=55">+ PM bats for independent evaluation of schemes</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=56">+ Judges and justice</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=57">+ Roger Gets the Final Word</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=58">+ Criminal Botch-up of Investigationhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359379.htmlThe CBI finally admitted on Tuesday that it does not have sufficient evidence against the domestic helps accused in the murder of teenager Arushi Talwar and household help Hemraj. Criminal Botch-up of Investigation</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=59">+ RPF wants hoax calls to be treated as acts of terror</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=60">+ Govts Rs 25 cr grant promises to quench thirst of parched Kalali, Bapod</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=61">+ Google, police take cyber crime lessons to schools</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=62">+ No mid-day meals as officials, schools play the blame game</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=63">+ ...Health scheme for poor suffers same fate</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=64">+ Sahara India to cough up Rs 2.5 lakh as compensation</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=65">+ Divest the powers of PF appellate tribunal to dists: Labour lawyers body</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=66">+ Looking eastwards</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=67">+ In snub to Beijing, Sonia doesnt meet Yang as Mulford says 123 on its way</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=68">+ That R word</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=69">+ Vedanta splits biz threeways, plans to list Sterlite on NYSE</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=70">+ MNS rejects Jaya apology, stir on</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=71">+ Thousands flock to Bolts homecoming</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=72">+ Zardari sworn in as Pak President</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=73">+ Rajkumar bail plea rejected</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=74">+ BMC teams at rly stations to keep check on influx from flood-hit Bihar</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=75">+ How to get visa power? AMA session demystifies procedure</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=76">+ Party time, but George win hearthttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359578.htmlThey set the stage, invited the players and expected a party. The players almost let them down. For Mohun Bagan fans, all roads led to the club ground today. Party time, but George win heart</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=77">+ Cash-starved PAU to convince farmers to pay cess for research purposes</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=78">+ Sugar mills: govt extends date for filing financial bids</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=79">+ New deadline for PET Scan Centre</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=80">+ LPG racket flourishes while officials pass the buck</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=81">+ Cost of three lakh votes in Andhra: 50,000 acres of sanctuary landhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359520.htmlKolleru Lake in troubled waters as Assembly passes resolution seeking Centre's nod for reducing sanctuary area Cost of three lakh votes in Andhra: 50,000 acres of sanctuary land</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=82">+ Magic mint flies on fear, ecstasy, takes world along</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=83">+ Bad light stops playhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359482.htmlSourav should choose when he retires - and why should it be now? Bad light stops play</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=84">+ Pakistan will flog gas fields to quicken lagging economy</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=85">+ Dhawal hits the right spot</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=86">+ Clear stand on CBI probe into PF scam: SC to UP</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=87">+ On family front, distress vs relief</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=88">+ Despite party snub, Mayor keeps her eco-friendly Ganpati idea going</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=89">+ Visarjan passes off peacefully amid tight security in Vadodara</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=90">+ Barreto capitalises on a defensive lapse to secure full points</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=91">+ Crime graph soars: 4 murders in four days</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=92">+ Two arrested with revolver from LUhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359544.htmlTwo youths, including a local student leader, were arrested with a licenced revolver from Lucknow University campus on Tuesday. Two arrested with revolver from LU</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=93">+ Former chief architect writes to PM against Admn proposal</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=94">+ Cash at judge door: CJI lets CBI examine two judges</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=95">+ Pandal panorama</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=96">+ Glorious orthography</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=97">+ Subbarao talks the talk</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=98">+ Time & again: Advani beats Sethi to enter final</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=99">+ Even after seven years, many in Arab world dont believe 9/11 story</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=100">+ Left, allies meet Patil, seek early monsoon session</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=101">+ 6 days after teen crushed, parents try to correct Blueline registration in FIR</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=102">+ Cylinder blast in tea shop causes minor fire, but no one injuredhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359363.htmlA minor leakage in an LPG cylinder caused an explosion and minor fire in a tea centre at Saroli village in Kapodara, early on Tuesday. Cylinder blast in tea shop causes minor fire, but no one injured</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=103">+ Arushi: CBI says lack proof, accused may get bail</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=104">+ Kitschy Kitschy bang banghttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359580.htmlThis one was a fashion show with a difference, where the clothes and the models almost played second fiddle to something far more stylish - the Formula One Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes MP4/22. Kitschy Kitschy bang bang</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=105">+ Dip in suspected gastro cases in the cityhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359557.htmlFor the first time in the last seven days, the number of suspected cases of gastroenteritis being reported from affected areas of Prem Nagar and Ishwar Colony in Dhandari has dipped to less than 15 cases on a single day. Dip in suspected gastro cases in the city</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=106">+ Eye surgeon eyes a place in Guinness record book</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=107">+ Smart cards to make vehicle registration easy</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=108">+ Tulshibaug Ganpatihttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359478.htmlThe Tulshibaug Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, the fourth Manacha Ganpati of the city, has provided its 20 volunteers to the city police to help them in patrolling during Ganeshotsav in the backdrop of the recent acts of terrorism in the country. Tulshibaug Ganpati</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=109">+ Highways ministry takes its own road on RFQ norms</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=110">+ Game over for Symonds?</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=111">+ N Koreas Kim may have had stroke</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=112">+ Hazare warns HRD Ministry of NCTE graft</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=113">+ Cong rath yatras in Gujarat from Sept 14</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=114">+ Kanth to head new child rights panel for Delhi</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=115">+ DFS finds common link between two crimes -a pistol</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=116">+ Blast into the Past</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=117">+ MMRDA to launch rental housing project at Borivalihttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359575.htmlThe Mumbai Metropolitan and Region Development Authority is all set to launch its second rental housing project at Borivali. MMRDA to launch rental housing project at Borivali</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=118">+ Maya govt asks court to withdraw cases against ministers</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=119">+ Annual day celebrated at GMCH-32</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=120">+ To have as a running mate, and to hold politely</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=121">+ Students show the environment-friendly way</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=122">+ Reliance muscles UK, Spore trading arms with ex-Shell executives</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=123">+ Despite loss, Murray has reason to smile</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=124">+ At the cool new TERI campus, air-conditioners have gone underground</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=125">+ Uncharitably corrupt: Trust owner arrested for forgery</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=126">+ Behind the Scene</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=127">+ Home Body</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=128">+ MSRDC invites EoI for construction of MTHL</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=129">+ Dead youth at MLAs house: family refutes police claims</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=130">+ Further ban will hit agri futures, says FMC</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=131">+ All eyes on V-C's chair?</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=132">+ Cookery show lands Thai PM in a soup</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=133">+ Capellos England take on familiar foes Croatia</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=134">+ Valley IG who called Hurriyat leader martyr shunted out</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=135">+ Relief train for Bihar to leave Surat on Sept 16</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=136">+ House of Fashion</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=137">+ Unplugged</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=138">+ Mulund blast accused bail plea rejected</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=139">+ Kanpur blast: Bajrang Dal men undergo narco test</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=140">+ At Ranjangaon plant, Cummins races ahead in green initiatives</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=141">+ CoS likely to recommend 20 pc duty on iron ore</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=142">+ Boxers switch sides, disqualified</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=143">+ What Yedyurappas report card misses: Christians under siege</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=144">+ Qaeda to mark 9/11 anniversary</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=145">+ DDAs slum-to-plum housing storyhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359399.htmlAsked by the Union Urban Development Ministry to "immediately" start work on its project to rehabilitate slums at the same site, DDA is at present studying various models for the 21 slum clusters it has identified as part of the development scheme. DDAs slum-to-plum housing story</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=146">+ Family seeks High Court help to return to the folds of community</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=147">+ Foot loose</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=148">+ Asha Bhosales daughter in hospital after medicine overdose</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=149">+ 300 acres must come from project area, says Mamatahttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359556.htmlA day after Tatas said that the agreement reached over the Singur issue was vague, Trinamool Congress hit back saying that there was no confusion about the modalities of the agreement signed between Commerce Minister Nirupam Sen and leader of Opposition Partha Chatterjee. 300 acres must come from project area, says Mamata</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=150">+ Azamgarh case accused may undergo narco analysis tests</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=151">+ Ganesh mandal presidents arrested</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=152">+ NSE plans to launch currency futures in pairs other than dollar</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=153">+ Painting a storm</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=154">+ Ground Zero: sceptics hope</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=155">+ Fatal fall: Passport Office employee jumps to death</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=156">+ Grand Finale</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=157">+ Traced minor girl tells court: dont want to stay with parents</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=158">+ New protest, Naxalite party holds rallyhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359564.htmlThe worries of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee over Singur issue are far from over. Landless agricultural labourers and sharecroppers of Singur, who lost their jobs after the land was acquired for the Tata Motors factory, have decided to launch a fresh movement demanding compensation from the state government. New protest, Naxalite party holds rally</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=159">+ Madhumita case: witness escapes bullet attack</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=160">+ Hike SMP for cane: Farmers</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=161">+ Downturn brings hedge funds to the edge</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=162">+ NRI picked up for possessing drugs</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=163">+ Central universities plan runs into MoF wall</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=164">+ Coallateral damage: Naroda residents</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=165">+ Google ART: Who was Dali?</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=166">+ High Court reserves order in stalking case</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=167">+ Autumn shocker for IPL summer: CAB spent over Rs 20 lakh only on VIP chairs</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=168">+ Boy dies in wall collapse</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=169">+ Cable operators asked to pay up</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=170">+ UP Govts bid to drop case against BSP leaders</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=171">+ A campus in northeast is NID directors unfinished dream</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=172">+ Eye on MC polls: Sukhbir assures water supply, sewage facilitieshttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359354.htmlShiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Badal made an appeal to the residents of Kharar to elect members of his party to the Kharar Municipal Council. Eye on MC polls: Sukhbir assures water supply, sewage facilities</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=173">+ MSBSHSE holds workshop to study other boards</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=174">+ Ex-councillor from Rishra gunned down</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=175">+ Killer in disguisehttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359505.htmlIts asymptomatic nature makes it a killer in disguise and high number of victims, makes Hepatitis C the deadliest virus. Talking about India, the figures have revealed that almost 12.5 million people are affected from HCV across the country... Killer in disguise</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=176">+ Pepsi unit loses fizz in Punjab</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=177">+ New course on Indian culture at DU</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=178">+ Thermos bomb hoax sends Khadia police into a tizzy</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=179">+ Punjabi University goes eco-friendly</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=180">+ Enquiry against motorman for jumping signal at Belapur station</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=181">+ Muchipara case: Accused produced in court</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=182">+ Striking the right chordhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359512.htmlHeavenly tunes, exciting jugalbandi and spontaneous applause from the audience were the highlights of sarod performance at the Pune festival by father-son duo - Pandit Rajan Kulkarni and Sarang Kulkarni. Striking the right chord</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=183">+ NCP legislator breaks away from fold, could form new party for Gurjjars</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=184">+ Malaria parasite may be behind Kanpur deaths</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=185">+ SC-certificate rule awaits nod from Centre: Buta Singh</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=186">+ As Ganesh utsav draws to an end, Mumbai gears up for cleanliness drive</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=187">+ Marriage proposal rejected, woman attempts suicide at reality show venue</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=188">+ 6 minors rescued from Budhwar Peth, one is from Bibvewadihttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359524.htmlDays after a 17-year-old girl from Hyderabad alleged that 14 city policemen raped her at a lodge in Nana Peth in February 2005 and that any girl sold at the brothel is first brought before the police, a team of Faraskhana police on Monday rescued seven girls, including six minors, from a brothel in Budhwar Peth. 6 minors rescued from Budhwar Peth, one is from Bibvewadi</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=189">+ Govt in Delhi will not be formed without BSP</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=190">+ In villages, its up to old guard</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=191">+ Chaos, indecision, confusion rule nomination dayhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359391.htmlTo nominate or not to nominate was the question which went on in the minds of most student organisations today. Chaos, indecision, confusion rule nomination day</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=192">+ Abandoned 10-month-old finds a home</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=193">+ Colleges fail to respond to RTI application filed by students union leader last year</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=194">+ Partially recovered, Shinjini returns home</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=195">+ Among the 14 cops who raped me, 2 are seniors</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=196">+ Sisters mowed down by chartered bus in Seelampur</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=197">+ A day in a relief camp</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=198">+ PU turns a blind eye as rules go for a toss</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=199">+ Man arrested for murdering his brother-in-law</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=200">+ Music therapy invigorates differently-abled in Kolkata</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=201">+ Indo-Israel cultural meet to foster creative dialogue</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=202">+ Reality show participant fails to clear audition, attempts suicide</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=203">+ Parties protest insufficient time for campaigninghttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359426.htmlIt was a chaotic day for different student bodies that remained busy filing nominations and clarifying the errors in them. Parties protest insufficient time for campaigning</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=204">+ Girl power missing from election scene, as usual</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=205">+ Civic body to start a Mother and Child hospital in Borivali</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=206">+ Housewife dead, city in enteric grip</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=207">+ End of conflict: no extension in working hours of High Court</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=208">+ Parents say a big no to open book exam systemhttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359481.htmlThe Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board's decision to announce an 'open book' examination format for the SSC exams... Parents say a big no to open book exam system</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=209">+ Dengue spread may go out of hand: NICD</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=210">+ Tourists stranded as CPM men abduct houseboat crew</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=211">+ Primary teachers choose Ambaji excursion for giving clarion call against states apathy</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=212">+ Dont the poor have a right to clean environment, asks NCSC chief</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=213">+ On everybodys mind, Justice Sen remains out of sight</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=214">+ Robbers slash techies face, flee with four mobiles</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=215">+ New age Nazis? Indians are racially pure, claims Vibrant Gujarat website</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=216">+ Project for cardiac patients needs resuscitation</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=217">+ Brazilian psychoanalyst unearths terror in everyday life</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=218">+ 4 held with stolen uranium</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=219">+ Car dealer told to pay Rs 1 lakh for withholding papers</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=220">+ VMC to switch on streetlights with the click of a mouse</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=221">+ RTI champion is now a victim</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=222">+ Five dengue cases reported from adjoining areas of city</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=223">+ Hot wheels: Vintage cars from Gondal to elegantly parade in Mumbai</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=224">+ Cabinet may take up Services pay grievances</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=225">+ Girl on the movehttp://www.indianexpress.com/story/359342.htmlIn the filmi grading system, the girl's moved from Grade B to Grade A. After starting out with the new Jani Dushman and the very sidey Ladies Tailor... Girl on the move</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=226">+ An adventurous educationist</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=227">+ Now, JMM to remind Sonia of Cabinet berths</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=228">+ SC issues notice to MP Govt on mining activities</a></div><div class="evenrow"><a href="live.php?tnz=det&su=News-India&id=229">+ Speculation over Sabaris link with sons of ministers</a></div><div class="menu"><a href="live.php">LIVE HOME</a><br/><a href="/">HOME</a></div><div style="display:none;"><script> (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-51127810-2', 'wapspell.com'); ga('send', 'pageview'); </script></div>