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+ New forensic tests suggest Shroud of Turin is fake
+ Mixed feelings for Belgium as they are feted by fans
+ Ten newly found moons of Jupiter include a 'wrong-way driver'
+ World's oldest bread found at prehistoric site in Jordan
+ NASA commercial crew program for space station faces delays, report says
+ Scientists peer into heart of hurricanes to improve intensity forecast
+ Revived Pacquiao stuns Matthysse to claim welterweight crown
+ South Africa's MeerKAT to help unlock mysteries of universe
+ Exclusive: Jeff Bezos plans to charge at least 200,000 for space rides - sources
+ Ghostly particles give scientists new understanding of universe
+ New Zealand's Rocket Lab to open second launch pad in United States
+ Israel plans to land unmanned spacecraft on moon in February
+ Fossils of early giant dinosaur discovered in Argentina
+ Scientists defy 'force of nature' to unlock secrets of Hawaii volcano
+ Scientists hope test-tube embryos can save near-extinct white rhino
+ Scientists eye genome mapping to help chlamydia-stricken koalas
+ HAL-like robot to help astronaut in space odyssey
+ 'Space kingdom' seeks citizens for life beyond Earth very soon
+ Complacency killed Germany's World Cup hopes
+ 700-year-old Vatican drawing of Australian bird rewrites medieval trade route history