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+ Back on Earth, China's Mars simulation base greets first visitors
+ Out of a drawer and into your nightmares comes a vicious ancient beast
+ Yale study revives cellular activity in pig brains hours after death
+ On Saturn's moon Titan, plentiful lakeside views, but with liquid methane
+ Israel plans new moonshot after maiden mission fails
+ 'Seeing the unseeable': Scientists reveal first photo of black hole
+ Israeli spacecraft crashes onto moon after technical failures
+ Elon Musk's SpaceX sends world's most powerful rocket on first commercial flight
+ Oh, brother! NASA twins study shows how space changes the human body
+ Israeli spacecraft Beresheet reaches moon but landing unsuccessful: support team
+ Virgin Galactic's first test passenger gets commercial astronaut wings
+ Fossils of enigmatic extinct human species found on Philippine island
+ Scientists expected to release landmark image of black hole
+ Iran still planning three satellite launches this year, despite ramped up U.S. pressure: minister
+ In astrophysics milestone, first photo of black hole expected
+ Scientists solve mystery of pristine weapons of China's Terracotta Warriors
+ Pentagon says India debris expected to burn up in atmosphere
+ Pilot-less air taxi takes off in Vienna demonstration flight
+ Ancient four-legged whale from Peru walked on land, swam in sea
+ Single Indian rocket puts satellites in three orbits, in first for nation