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What is wapSPELL.com?

wapSPELL.com is a global WAP/GPRS Chat Portal (accessible from PC also) providing a wide spectrum of services :

Communicate exclusively with anyone using numerous cool text styles, external / internal images and your own titled links. See online users with their stuffed profiles.
The latest new (HTML) look makes wapSPELL globally unique! WML version is still running to provide the most economical fun!
Or even make your own WAP page in seconds for free! Chat with our cute chat-bot anytime. Win exciting prizes by taking part in regular events. even access live news, scores and current stuff anytime, anywhere all free of cost! moreover we have a never ending gallery to look into and fully loaded download vaults. Above all, enjoy the above mentioned features all with hundreds of smilies and icons. To supplement this all, there is a friendly admin team to assist you through anytime. There is much more which will be actually too long to precisely describe. :-) Have a look at Full List of Services

Just sign up and have a look yourself. ENJOY! or login to your existing account.

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Have a look at our broad Community features:

Meet thousands of people with personality you like.

  • Get connected to the big platform where hundreds of people are joining everyday!
  • Know who the people currently using wapSPELL!
  • Easy search to find people of your interest.

Best Chat Experience

  • Most convenient format for chat
  • Easy usage of smileys and emoticons
  • Rich Chat experience with StyleTags
  • Get all the notifications without interruptions.
  • Fastest infrastructure

Share your views: Forums

  • Make group discussions in our various well categorised forums.
  • You can use thousands of smileys and emoticons in your discussions
  • Generous space for writing big dialogues.
  • Use our cool StyleTags to add external images, links, making your texts stylish etc.
  • Decent colour combination to ease your eyes while reading.
  • Use direct access urls for forums to show your discussions to your friends

Gallery: The Rich online album

  • View thousands of photos of existing users through easy navigation and make them your friends as well
  • Upload your own photo, or add the direct link of your photo. Its as easy as a click!
  • Get your own Photo Folder where you can put your own photos without any hassle

Loads of great downloads

  • Get thousands of cool downloads all for free!
  • Symbian games
  • Jar softwares
  • Wallpapers and images
  • You can even contribute your own stuff in downloads

The perfect Messaging system: Our Speciality

  • The Fastest possible messaging systems available on WAP
  • Easiest and most efficient navigation scheme
  • Even get a record of your sent messages and know whether they are still unread or not.
  • Save your important messages in the dedicated Saved box.
  • Search your messages for easy access

The lightening fast Bubble Messaging! only at wapSPELL.com!

  • Bubbles are the latest modern age communication tool. Currently wapSPELL.com is the only one in the world to provide this feature of its kind.
  • With bubbles you can communicate with your buddies at lightening fast speed. Now dont miss your precious messages while reading forums, chatting or anything; no matter where you are, bubbles are messages which will reach you in each and everywhere in the wapSPELL Chat Portal!

Make your knowledge up-to-date through our intelligent and informative blogging

  • Come, have a go. Let the writer in you to nourish and let it be appreciated by the people. Blogs are now a days a very popular medium of information exchange on web and WAP. Its simply like your own editorial. Just write anything, modify or delete it anytime you like.
  • Generous writable space to write publish even the biggest articles.
  • Easy use of External links, Text formatting, External Images and smileys.
  • Direct access url for sharing your blogs with your friends.

MiSsChAtTy -- She is really cute!

  • MiSsChAtTy is our Chat robot. She is ready to chat with you anytime you wish.

Gaming time: Cool Online Games

  • Cool games like guess the number, Jumble words etc. Also, many more to come in near future!
  • Earn activity points by winning games!

Make your own Logos and wallpapers with best available features on WAP!!!

  • 250 + Backgrounds
  • 50 + Fonts
  • 10 Colors
  • Adjustable size
  • 3D Text
  • Text Alignment
  • 9 Colors

Get Latest News Anywhere anytime!

  • wapSPELL LIVE - Live News right on your phone Breaking News
  • International News
  • News India
  • Bollywood News
  • Cricket News
  • Entertainment News
  • Environment News
  • Technology News
  • Science News
  • Internet News

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