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No danger of earth exploding
TOPIC id: 105306
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30823 Billgates6060 2011-12-19 15:33:16

Washington: Scientists have nailed an alarming prediction about the cataclysmic destruction of earth in 2012.
An erroneous doomsday theory doing the rounds is that a supernova explosion, which releases energy equivalent to that produced during the sun's entire lifetime, could happen in 2012 and harm earthly life.
However, given the vastness of space and the long light years between supernovae, astronomers say with certainty that there is no threatening star close enough to hurt earth.
According to a statement by NASA-Goddard Space Flight Centre, astronomers say that the closest gamma-ray burst on record, known as GRB 031203, is 1.3 billion light years away from the earth.

(Link. Click here to open)

145245 dorawanchi 2011-12-19 18:13:45

s-thankyou for the info...
113226 Rakshak 2011-12-19 18:19:24

Hmmm ok let us see..s-lol
30823 Billgates6060 2011-12-19 18:23:28

@Rakshak: Hmmm ok let us see..s-lol

se-hehe yeah , lets wait and see s-waiting6
50364 kingxofxkinga 2011-12-19 20:22:55

54627 Lulu 2011-12-20 05:57:06

s-1spy Glad to learn this fact
52866 Krouze 2011-12-20 08:16:30

ohhhh hmmm wil face it bravely...s-lol
138 BOSs 2011-12-23 19:09:55

No 1 can predict future but mates never go after every info available on google, it displays all the shits lol
138 BOSs 2011-12-23 19:16:09

.... yes it displays all the shit along with genuine info
71067 waydefiner 2011-12-23 21:17:17

Hmmm let's see, if they re gud @prediction. . I'm fearless s-strongman
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