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It was a sunday morning when Alice was going to the church for the usual service and prayers. On her way to the church, she saw two guys, John and Lawrence. John couldn't help staring at her, she felt very uncomfortable by the way he was looking at her. That he even missed a step. Alice laughed and said to herself "i hope all is well with this guy, holy ghost fire!". Lawrence was baffled with John's attitude towards Alice and asked whether he was alright. John said, "what a diamond found in a dark forest!" as he told Lawrence that he has gotten the love of his life. They both went to Alice who was behaving as if she didn't know what was happening. Lawrence told Alice about the love of John for her and she accepted.

Alice has an attribute of beauty;fair in complexion, silky hair, slim, a pointed nose and down to earth that most guys teased her calling her 'full option'. John started visiting Alice often at her parent's house. One day, her mum saw them together and warned Alice, telling her that she didn't want to see her with John and that he came from a morally bankrupt background. She adamantly refused to heed to her mother's advice. As far as Alice was concerned, she had already reached a point of no return. She couldn't imagine her life without John. Alice fires bean cakes as a means of livelihood and for John, he didn't even have a job. Alice used to buy clothes for John and give him money to buy other things. Her mum warned her for the second time and even told her dad about the love affair. The dad beat the hell out of Alice and she left her family and went to stay with John.

After several years of loving in happiness, Alice was able to give him three pretty looking children of which all were females. All these years, Alice was the one feeding and clothing the family. She buys millet at the rate of fifty naira and sells it at seventy five naira per ton. If she didn't make much profit, they sometimes Skipped lunch.

Time flew by; John was able to. . . . . . <TO BE CONTINUED @ GROUP: 2862

Don't miss the final fate of ALICE
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Don't jump to conclusions s-lol
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