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>>IDEA is now cheapest 2G internet provider<<
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53261 Zaidkarimi 2012-03-04 18:31:45

Yes you heard right Idea is the
cheapest GPRS provider
(previously docomo perhaps)
but One bad news is there is
no more unlimited packs from
Idea now.Its pretty Good News for Medium users that
Idea Enhanced the validity of
Rs.47 GPRS pack from 15 days
to 30 days with the same 1GB
data.Other packs remained
unchanged.Ideas 2G speed also not bad earlier.
Its confirmed at Odisha
circle,please speak to your
customer care if you belongs
to other circle.
97202 Bullet427 2012-03-04 18:44:45

Gud to hear ! Better if its here... smile
81507 muszick 2012-03-04 18:49:05

Yeah Docomo Has Increased The Price Of Net Packs...
But Now It Gives An Awesome Speed Which Is 2x Better Than Vodafone,Airtel,idea...!!!

Some Available Net Packs In Docomo Are...

Rs. 48- 500Mb For 21 days
rs. 75- 1GB for 30 days
rs. 95- 1.5 GB for 30 Days...

Just Before Two Month Net Pack Of Rs 48 was Available With Data Usage Upto 1 GB But because Of A Scheme everytime When I Recharged With This Pack I Got double Of Data Usage 2 GB... Ab To 150rs. mein Bhi 2Gb Nahi Mil Raha...Docomo Vala Kukara,gadheda se sala 1bidi

50255 SmileAlex 2012-03-04 19:16:07

Bhai here docomo gives 2.5 gb in 65rs for 30 days. 4 gb in 95rs.
82144 Bindaas 2012-03-04 19:17:17

BSNL is best for me n also Best for Dipika
25037 Naitik 2012-03-04 19:17:27

videocon 96 4gb speed bettr bttr than docomo.
i hate idea..sala bina wajeh pach activated ho jata hai
82144 Bindaas 2012-03-04 19:19:49

@Naitik: videocon 96 4gb speed bettr bttr than docomo.
i hate idea..sala bina wajeh pach activated ho jata hai

138 BOSs 2012-03-04 19:31:03

Still Aircel is the best for me. Rs14 for 3 days, Rs 27 for 7 days and Rs 98 for 30 days.. All unlimited... And speed is very good.., atleast at my place
138 BOSs 2012-03-04 19:34:58

Sadly they increased 3g prices from 10p per 30kb to 10p per 10kb
19216 blueflame 2012-03-04 19:38:38

College net is best for me 1950 for 4-5 months @4-5 mbps huh. Idea airtel sb teel lgao
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