Just Passing
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118625 Fejis 2012-03-23 04:52:45

Gosh so borin here.. 2 dull abeg..
9447 Zealnet 2012-03-23 12:51:46

he no dull,,,,, men just dey busy with real life matters... Make schools dey vacation... U go see groove for here
118625 Fejis 2012-03-23 16:04:07

Things have really changed here man.. I remember wen dis site was hotter dan hell fire even durin school period.. Da year, we dey inside class dey browse wapspell at dsame time coz dere was so much fun wit funny n noty guys around as well as sweet chics wey dey make us yori yori.. My guy u no wot am talkin abt lol.. Den suddenly, dem kon dey jealous our swaggs bcos we were planin 2 take ova like Julius Ceaser.. Dem begin ban all d cabal startin wit their leader.. Now the cabal are gone and d place kon dull like desert.. Anyway lets hope d cabal will be back soon 2 make here alive again OR ELSE..
9447 Zealnet 2012-05-03 12:52:35

Hmmmm... What can i say man?

I just wish i can bring those days back
13055 nikora 2012-06-06 00:44:56

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