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Amazing pakistan
TOPIC id: 126297
Replies: 28 - Views: 1036
103590 Ahmad1992 2012-05-01 20:42:29

*. Pakistan the land of grand mountain ranges, a land thatholds 4 out of 14 most highest peaksin the world. K2 thesecond highest mountain in the world with all it’s grandeur symbolizing the pride and strength of the people of Pakistan.
*. Pakistan: K2 the 2nd highest mountain peak in the World.
*. Pakistan: Nanga Parbat 9th Highest Peak in the World.
*. Hunza is said to bea place ” Where Time Stops and Fairy Treads“, Kalash and Chitral are the natural wonders of the world where poetic verses find their inspirations from the beauty and elegance of high peak mountains, lush green fields and the fragrant breeze singing across the poplar trees. Some of the places which are not highlighted by the media but still due to their magnitude find their places on theWorld record books
*. Pakistan: 2nd Largest Muslim Nation in the world.
*. Pakistan: Record holder of most A’s in Cambridge Exams in the World.
*. World’s youngest certified Microsoft Experts Arfa Kareem and Babar Iqbal.
*. Aisa’s Highest Railway Station KanMehtarzai that is located 2240 meters above sea level near Quetta.
*. Tarbela Dam: World’s largest earth filled dam and 2nd largest dam overall.
*. Motorway: Asia’s most peaceful motorway.
*. Pakistan: World’s 5th largest coal reserves.

*. Pakistan: World’s largest CNG Operator.

*. Pakistan Air Force:Only Muslim Air Force to shoot down Israeli warplanes in 1967& 1973.

*. Pakistan: Only Muslim country after Turkey to open Combat Jobs for women.

*. Pakistan: Highest Tele Density in South Asia.

*. Pakistan: Largest WiiMax Network in the World, 30 million internet user.

*. World’s largest runambulance networkby Edhi.

*. Pakistan: World’s 7th Nuclear Power.
*. World’s highest Polo ground at Shandur, Northern Pakistan.
*. Karakoram Highway: Eighth Wonder of the World.
*. World’s Largest Deep Sea Port : Gwader.
*. Khewra Mines : Second Largest Salt Mine in the World.
*. Haleji Lake : Asia’slargest Bird Sanctuary.
*. Thar Desert : One amongst the largest deserts in the World.
*. The land of oldest Civilization : Indus Valley and Mohenjo-Daro.
*. Pakistan: World’s 9th Largest EnglishSpeaking Country.
*. Pakistan: World 7thlargest Pool of Scientists and Engineer.
*. Pakistan: 7th largest Standing Arm Force in the World.
74026 Pathania 2012-05-01 21:11:32

color-green(Amazing Facts About India
*. India is the world's largest, oldest, continuous civilization.
*. India is the world's Largest democracy.
*. India never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history.
*. India invented the number system . Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.
*. When many cultures were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization)
*. There are 300,000 active mosques in India , more than in any other country, including the Muslim world
*. Sanskrit is the mother of all the European Languages . Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software - a report in Forbes magzine July 1987.
*. Chess (Shataranja or AshtaPada) was invented in India.
*. India is one of the few countries in the world, which gain independence without violence.
*. India has the second largest pool ofScientist and Engineers in the World.
*. India is the largest English speaking nation in the world.
*. India is the only country other than US and Japan, to have built a super computer indeigenously.
*. India has the largest number of Post Offices in the world
*. The largest employer in the world is the Indian Railways , employing over a million people
*. India was one of the richest countries till the time of British rule in the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus, attracted by India's wealth, had come looking for a sea route to India when he discovered America by mistake.
*. The Baily Bridge is the highest bridge in the world . It is located in the Ladakh valley between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan mountains. It was built by the Indian Army in August 1982
*. The Vishnu Temple in the city of Tirupathi built in the 10th century, is the world's largest religious pilgrimage destination. Larger thaneither Rome or Mecca, an average of 30,000 visitors donate $6 million (US) to the temple everyday.
*. Varanasi, also known as Benaras, was called "the Ancient City" when Lord Buddha visited it in 500 B.C., and is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.
*. Martial Arts were first created in India, and later spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.
*. Yoga has its origins in India and has existed for over 5,000 years.)
74026 Pathania 2012-05-01 21:12:52

More Interesting Facts about India and Indians!
38% of Doctors in America are Indians.
12% of Scientists in America are Indians.
36% of NASA employees are Indians.
34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians
28% of IBM employees are Indians
17% of INTEL employees are Indians
13% of XEROX employees are Indians
55634 piyush786 2012-05-01 21:19:58

Stop it guys@andy3 and Pathania, i was not expecting this from you.Please dont spoil any one's topic purposely.Apni hi ijjat ka faluda mat karo.Dusro ke sath karoge to apne sath bhi aisa hi hoga.In Future, if you post such topics, they will do the same with you.So peace out.
103590 Ahmad1992 2012-05-01 21:20:39

Ah? U have a lot of gud points. Bt im so sad 4 u. That u cant make a ur own topic. s-sosad
55634 piyush786 2012-05-01 21:22:03

Nice info bout pak.
74026 Pathania 2012-05-01 21:22:17

@piyush786: Stop it guys@andy3 and Pathania, i was not expecting this from you.Please dont spoil any one's topic purposely.Apni hi ijjat ka faluda mat karo.Dusro ...

'm just sharing facts abt india s-india . Not comparing both countries...
55634 piyush786 2012-05-01 21:25:58

@Pathania: 'm just sharing facts abt india s-india . Not comparing both countries...

U shud post a seperate topic buddy.
74026 Pathania 2012-05-01 21:53:17

@CALIPH: whole india is talented except few like u wasting time n reasoning

Ok, lol, let's see who's much intelligent. What u do & what's ur age...
74026 Pathania 2012-05-01 21:54:41

@CALIPH: whole india is talented except few like u wasting time n reasoning

Ok, lol, let's see who's much intelligent. What u do & what's ur age...
74026 Pathania 2012-05-01 22:03:14

And mr. Ahmad , mauna kiya is the biggest mountain ever, whose 90% part is sinked under the sea (proved but not added). U have already posted topic on that, but still u don't knw that name. Everest is 2nd & k2 is third...
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