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TOPIC id: 136105
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138 BOSs 2012-09-03 16:23:14

Ever heard of PEN FRIENDSHIP?? It died long back but when I was a teen that was the way we use to make friendship with
ppl from distance through letters, almost similar to this wap.

Let me today share a little true story of mine with a girl, she was beautiful, innocent, lovely, caring and just
baby hearted. She was from a family rich, old traditional , very strict where females are not allowed to communicate with
other males, girls were not allowed to study after 12 std, they cant even go out alone.

How do I found her then?

I was away from home for studies, One day I received a letter from my old tuition mate. That was a chain letter which
contains " This is a chain letter started 2 years ago with a good cause of spreading friendship world wide. All you have
to do is to copy the whole content and send it to 5 of your best friends. U will find 5 addresses overleaf, remove the 1st
address and add your address as 5th, also send a friendship greeting to the 2nd address. After few days as your address will
come to 2nd place you will receive many friendship greeting

As it doesnt cost much, I casually did as directed, sent letters to 5 friends, and a greeting to 2nd address, that was a girl.
Months passed on, no greetings. I almost forgot that incident. One day a greeting with a neat hand writing and bold words
surprised me.. wow that was the same girl (2nd address) to whom I had sent greeting.

I replied, she replied, it continued for long, no vulgar words, no love matters, Only pure friendship, we shared almost every
single moment, sent Birthday greetings, gifts what not.. this went on and on smoothly until....
that letter..her marriage was fixed even without her concern, even date was fixed, she was crying every day.
I couldnt help other than making up her mind to prepare for marriage, On the other hand I was happy for my friend that she was getting married
I was very happy until I received one more letter which contains " My dear Vasu, as u know day after tomorrow is my marriage and
by the time you receive this letter, I will be at my husband's house. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY as it might create a problem in my
absence. I will try to find a way from my husband's house to continue our friendship. My eyes are filled with tears in fear that this
might be the last piece of paper which carries communication between us. If so I pray God to give you a beautiful life
and whole lot of love and fulfill my only wish to get back to you ONCE before I die. Leaving Vasu > with tears>
shivering hands... Your Sweetie
and she signed below, Dated 03-09-1992.
I replied immediately, but didnt post as it wont find her.

This is the exact date when she last signed 2 decades ago, yet no letter from her... even God doesnt want this friendship
to continue. After I finished my studies and returning back, I showed some of our letters to Postman uncle and begged him to
forward any letters to me especially from her to my house address, took his address, wrote to him checking if there was a single
letter, poor postman uncle replied all my letters, sadly with a big NO

Miss you Sweetie...


Now my hands started shivering while I type, eyes becoming wet

Thanks a lot friends for spending time reading this little but true long topic...

50255 SmileAlex 2012-09-03 16:57:11

I loved the topic.
34039 Cute20 2012-09-03 16:58:21

wooooooooooooow .. superb .. very touching .. this is called pure friendsship ..liked very much ... though I have also an experience like that .. lemme share :)
34039 Cute20 2012-09-03 16:59:24

** friendship
50255 SmileAlex 2012-09-03 17:03:09

I also have a friend like this. Its not letters though...its SMS in my case. I have never seen her. Its been 6 years since I know her. We never met. I am 20 now. I was 14 then. Still in touch...but very less...
109595 anshukshtriya 2012-09-03 17:12:14

Touchin story..

Topic reminds me a chapter in high school text book `pen pal`
138 BOSs 2012-09-03 17:13:42

I remember her this day every year but today I wish to share bcoz its a special day, That letter turned 20 today and I wanna celebrate sadly
138 BOSs 2012-09-03 17:15:11

@SmileAlex: I also have a friend like this. Its not letters though...its SMS in my case. I have never seen her. Its been 6 years since I know her. We never met. I ...

Medium has changed, Pen and paper turned to mobile and network. . basic didn't change
138 BOSs 2012-09-03 17:16:40

@anshukshtriya: Touchin story.. Topic reminds me a chapter in high school text book `pen pal`

Wow I'm not alone here, every 1 has similar experiences.
34039 Cute20 2012-09-03 17:18:37

Once I saw an ad of this pen friends in the newspaper.. I became very curious .. there was a name Anand Ray .. who was from Jhansi(UP) but actually he was in Indian Air Force, posted in Delhi. First I thought he is a bengali guy so I wrote my first letter to him (mixed in english and bengali) and sent him. Later on. I came to know he does not understand bengali properly though he was quite impressed for my hand writing and my writing style. he appreciated me a lot. we started sharing letters .. WE shared greetings and gifts lol i still remembered he sent me always a lot and lot of chocolates .. and my cousins always jumped on that s-lol it was true that we both were very keen to get the replies .. I was very excited.. usually I asked him for his work and the work environment .. and he always shared with me everything .. I was into std VIII that time so he used to advice me a lot for my studies and careers .. yup he shared a lot of his pics wid me .. though I shared only 2 pics of me alongwith my family members ... we continued our friendship for 2 years but once I was into XI th standard I became very busy in my studies and once I felt unwillingly he is ignored by me ... but I wanted to give time to Anand but I was so helpless and then once I received his letter that he had been posted at KASHMIR ... but he dint inform me his current address at that time .. may be some misunderstanding came in between us .. still I miss him a lot and his friendship .. really miss you, ANAND s-sad ..
50255 SmileAlex 2012-09-03 17:23:35

@Cute20: Once I saw an ad of this pen friends in the newspaper.. I became very curious .. there was a name Anand Ray .. who was from Jhansi(UP) but actually he ...

They aren't supposed to share addresses cute. If caught, it can lead to court martial. I mean, Kashmir is a field area. Most of the times, they are meant to keep their place of stay secret.
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