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TOPIC id: 149131
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158329 Romio 2013-04-16 20:21:40

1. Fastest train in India: New
Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express

2. Slowest train in India:
Metupalayam Ooty Nilgiri
Passenger(10km/ h).

3. Longest run by a train:
Vivek Express from Dibrugarh
to Kanyakumari travels a distance of 4273 km.

4. Shortest run by a train:
Scheduled services between
Nagpur and Ajni stations
situated just 3km from each

5. Longest non-stop travel:
Trivandrum – H. Nizamuddin
Rajdhani Express travels the
528km stretch
betweenVadodara and Kota

6. Longest station name:
Venkatanarasimh ­
arajuvaripeta on the
Arakkonam-Renig unta
section near Chennai.

7. Shortest station name: Ib, near Jharsuguda in Odisha and
Od, near Anand in Gujarat.

8. Trains with most stop :
Express/Mail train Howrah –
Amritsar Express 115 halts.

9. Least punctual train: Guwahati-Trivan drum Express
is said to be the most
unreliable long-distance train in
the country. The charted
journey time is 65 hours and 5
74479 ronniebasak22 2013-04-16 20:53:10

Yes!!!.. GHy trivundrum is most unreliable!!

What the 5@2< is B.G Passenger then... Taken me from Bongaigaon to NJP and took over 12 Hours which Sharaighat covers less than 6 Hours..
37022 lathif 2013-04-16 23:06:56

89138 Ashwani3451 2013-04-17 00:42:41

gud infromation s-up
159484 rohit007 2013-04-17 05:21:31

s-train wish u a very Happy Birthday & long live 'Indian Railways' s-up
54627 Lulu 2013-04-17 06:42:20

Happy Birthday Indian Railways se-0party
173447 QYTALON 2013-04-17 10:09:58

So nice infoz dear
127045 Oxyc 2013-04-17 19:37:51

Nice info bro s-up
44544 abid 2017-04-21 23:12:26

Actually happy birthday British railways. Lol
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