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Sci Fi movies. The Good.
TOPIC id: 165232
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74479 ronniebasak22 2014-02-16 19:14:31

While its true that a huge spaceship wont be covering the NYC (as shown in Independance day) neither someone will make a game and the villain will come to life (as shown in Ra.One), science fiction movies teach us some very key things about science.

Science fiction is a movie genre that fantasizes the possiblities of science and with presents with a drama, a story and some actors.

But a sci fi, is not,at all, fiction. We should see them, and specially, we should let our kids see them..

When a kid reads fairy tale, he goes into such a land and lives a fantasy with them.. So, a sci fi will do the same trick; teaching him some key points of science.

Let it be Steven Speilberg's Jurassic Park. it is totally fantasy, but through it, a kid actually knows about dianosaurs.. Do they exist?? No, but they did... So, the kid, without reading books on dianosaurs, knew many things about dianosaurs.. Tyrannosaurus Rex, a huge dianosaur once existed. But if I didnt see it, I would have a hard time remembering it.. But look; I even remember the spelling...

Mainly, kids, in a south asian sun worshipped nation, like india.. where open sex and relationships are not encouraged should not be encouraged to see melodramas... Because what they see is what they learn.. They often argue, If in the movie, the boy loves the girl and you support him.. why not me??

So, you have to tell him thats wrong. But I'd be glad to point out, what he doing is actually right and natural. And we can't stay like that. In fact, romantic relationships are a natural thing and Marriage itself, is artificial.. You can't explain a small teenager to do something more conventional against something more natural.

While my target is not arguing on romantic relationships, they are caused by the movies..

In the contrary, see a movie, Europa Report. It has no romace, in fact no relationships involved. It is an ideal movie for kids..

While some people say that Western Movies has bikinis, short skirts, kiss, sex etc. I'd like to argue that no modern sci fis have that..

And in terms of sexuality, bollywood have surpassed that of hollywood.. While a movie like 'no strings attached' can't be competed by bollywood in terms of sexual contents. But hey,they at least tell that they do it..

Most bollywood movies has 'item songs' and which are nothing but sexuality.. So, I think, keeping our children from movies like 'Yaariyan' etc. Are very important..

While, they should be left to see great movies like 'Oblivion', 'Rise of the planet of the apes', 'Europa Report', 'Volcano', 'Harry potter' etc.

Most sci fi hollywood movies does not have sexuality.. Which, in turn make our children unconscious of it and they will slowly realise what love really is..

Thats for children. Even we, adults, should watch sci fi.. They entertain us and make us aware of science and interested in science..

On a positive note, I thank everyone for reading this far and thats all for now.
111324 DRAGON_X 2014-02-16 21:46:07

totaly agree that nw bollywood has left hollywood behind in case of adult parts on while we consider that the western has those..
Iron man , batman or specific rim or the star trek are far much more better than recent Indian movies..
55634 piyush786 2014-02-17 07:36:51

sci-fi movies are entertaining
74479 ronniebasak22 2014-02-17 17:07:37

its pacific rim yaar dragon_x
53144 wasim20khan 2014-02-17 17:18:37

I read it all...

Thanks for being concernd about new generation kids...s-up

I'v no suggestions to share here, but i wud like to say bollywood movies r more harmful for indian cultr thn hollywood movies, even hindi dubbed hwood movies are much pure than ek tha kapoor's saas bhi bahu bhi serials...
28740 letkhogin 2014-02-17 18:05:40

totaly agree that nw bollywood has left hollywood
behind in case of adult parts on while we consider
that the western has those..
Iron man , batman or specific rim or the star trek are
far much more better than recent Indian movies.. s-up
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