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Who can say big lie?
TOPIC id: 176110
Replies: 18 - Views: 417
163768 Nayabsheikh 2015-01-11 21:54:15

I requst to all wapspell user to say a lie
every one can say just one thing lie

so please start it now
42258 Alidil 2015-01-11 22:07:09

163768 Nayabsheikh 2015-01-11 22:53:35

Keya hwa
173942 SHILO 2015-01-12 03:18:48

21079 SPELSTER 2015-01-13 17:41:17

It is better to LIE on bed s-dunce

163768 Nayabsheikh 2015-01-13 21:15:56

When i was just a little boy,
my mother told me to buy a hen.
I bought a fat and fleshy hen,
and when i brought it to my home,
the hen start eggs.
Aftr every second the hen gave 5 eggs.
Whithin two days there were just eggs in our homs,
my dad brought some oxs and kept all the eggs under the oxes toes,
chickens brought out fron eggs when an ox kept its foot on an egg.
Now there were just chiken in our home
one ox kpt it toe on a chiken head and made it injurd.

Blood came out fron chicken head,
i quicky put some eart soil on the head of that chiken and bind it.
After some days a plant grown and start strong and big,
after sm days it become a big jungle.
One day i was in that jungle,
i have lost my knife and was searching it,
i saw a man was runing toward me,
i askd hm abt my knife,
and he startd laughin
he said
its 3rd days i have lost my 200 camels and i cdnt find it yet
and you searchng just a knife
163768 Nayabsheikh 2015-01-14 15:23:48

174755 Ajaysaklani 2015-01-14 15:35:14

I'm in love........ s-hee s-lolx
163298 pendujatt 2015-01-14 16:38:51



190772 Luckykhan 2015-01-14 21:43:08

the big lie the today the sun shine from west and tomarow date 32 january
163768 Nayabsheikh 2015-01-14 22:44:57

Barak obama said
world need peace and we must avoid from any kind of war
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