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the meaning of love, beyond lie
TOPIC id: 177550
Replies: 7 - Views: 608
195373 star9infinity 2015-03-29 03:28:48

perhaps, love is not only about surrendering to a force, but also joining forces! but only worthy forces can be accepted. and worthy is everything that accepts. so the resulting life is not hurting self. ... to surrender to something we love means to embrace it, to make it the life in us. sometimes you may love a person because you love their long, silky, warm, soft light brown dellicate hair ( : sometime you are so void of life, so tired of doubts and tension of everyday, you just need someone to give you hope by embracing you in their perfection. but many times, you are too tired to care who hugs you, so long as you have that feeling. and i think what you are really inloved with has nothing to do with the person hugging you, because love makes us strong. but its just the rest that you are inloved with. you love and beleive in something beatyfull, but that love doesn't find a permanent home in you. just letting go to the beatyfull embrace of being loved, peace and abscence of life, its all that matters, just letting go, so tired and unmotivated to change that. thats it! right there! true love gives us strength, it is a REASON not to give up, we become beatyfull and valuable and we are strong for everything that we love in life that makes it worth living. long gentle dellicate hair could be an invitation TO FALL ASLEEP IN THEIR EMBRACE but it doesn't stay, we are only receiving, don't think about giving and once we're healed still wouldn't understand and still kind of throw it all away.. its a selfish love, imagine how the other person feels, how different you would feel next to an empty tired person and how much more you would love a beatyfull LIVING person full of ideas, eager and excited, creative, making you happy, surprising you with their sudden actions, waking you up, changing your life and life of everyone they touch for the better, taking care of self and being their strength in weakness, with glow in their eyes, braking the silence, even when everyone else is down and not upto anything, being the source of everything that makes life beatyfull, being awesome. something to be inloved with. something to look up to. something to bring happyness to and to be your friend and to be a friend of, to be spiritually connected with ( : but the truth is all of us love laziness and emptyness a little. abscence, nothing. all of us, or perhaps most. love the rest rather then BEING RESTED. what is the purpose of life? do you see? the nothingness is in the nature of all normal living things. abscence, doubt, weakness.. but isn't it that true love would want to bring love to what hugs us, it would forfill us with life, give us strength, like inspiration to an artist. a hug of the full person can forfill us and cure, rather then make us sleep in emptyness of rest. our eyes full of life can glow and love, and our love to this person would also grow a little, would we take them for granted, like a tool? we would then be looking for a person that we truely have reasons to love and be with them sharing each other's love to one another by intervining lives, rather then just like a couzy place to rest, its so much more then a bed, we can be miracles that bring back glow in their eyes, imagination and faith in their dreams not so impossible after all and everything more brighter then the abscence of life thaught them. shinning with this same love we were given, growing it bigger! our well cared gentle and delicate hair and beautyfull appeareance would now mean more to you. not just empty shine, but to feel the beauty of the friendly being behind it, to feel what it is made of, to inherit beaty of what you're inlove with and add it to everything else lovely you collected in you, to treasure. love gives strength, everything that we truely love also loves us and we can be just as full of life like the most shinning love. we become this what we love, we strive for it. but we can also be tricked to fall inlove in the sleep weakness and dissapointment and strive to it. gentleness and dellicacy is pretty but without understanding it can serve like a pillow and a lullaby to fall asleep in own emptyness instead of inheriting the shine of dellicacy. being hurt by something pretty isn't any more good then being hurt. but the reason why some may get to love being hurt by the beatyfull is because it easens the pain of a hard life that just like that beauty seams an easy gain, but the devil is in the details. just like a dream we cannot accomplish, it may be easier to hate it because we got dissapointed in everything. .. but actually dissapointed in self.. the evil that wears a mask of a best friend represents the broken dream, the lie that hurts us. and sometimes one may sadly be fooled to love that what brakes their dreams, but whats so beatyfull in it? exactly. but we would only love our enemies, if we hated ourselves, and the more we value what we hate, the more we betray what we want to be and live for and more reason we have to hate self and less reason to allow a failiure we think we are to get up. we kind of hate self and grow that hate, instead of loving self and growing the love, value, because we tried and failed. for the proud it is the worst to be given a helping hand once they made themselves fall down. but. what they don't know is that behind their helping hand hides love. not someone that beleives in a lie that they are not good enough, the lie that tries to kill us all and the reason why we live in a world where the meaning of love is a see through shadow of what it truely is. the reason why we live in a lie that strives to change us. don't adapt to death that is the abscence in the world, you get nothing. literally.. break the silence and be the love and inspiration and life and a friend, a source of life's value, like everyone and everything that ever broke the silence and made our life more worth living. in a true world, we would live forever and always in pure happyness. why would a true heart disbeleive that? isn't that, what life is
197104 ritisha 2015-03-29 10:10:33

Yeah...lv makes us strong..

199093 Shaun013 2015-03-29 16:27:46

Love is like a treasure and shouldnt be waisted on anyone or anything that doesnt deserve it. but hate is stronger than love because hate will drive anyone insane until that someone end their own life in a tragedy way. but if you never knew what hate was you would never know what love is.
199093 Shaun013 2015-03-29 16:31:24

But true love is charity. Being a helper to the widow and being a mother or a father to a child that doesnt have a mother or a father.
195373 star9infinity 2015-03-30 00:18:12

@Shaun013: Love is like a treasure and shouldnt be waisted on anyone or anything that doesnt deserve it. but hate is stronger than love because hate will drive a ...

hate has a reason just like love. hate makes hate stronger and love makes love stronger.. so its better to give a little love to everyone less or more, and hate to no one... the only reason we'd want to give hate to anyone is because of the hate that was given to us... to make things even worse, hate is sometimes born from simple misunderstandings that like fire, starts small. sometimes, when this fire of hate grows big, its easier to keep looking for more lies to give it fuel, then to face ourselves. and soon, the hate that we brought to someone else also develops in them and enemies are born.. all based on nothing but a lie, a simple misunderstanding. love can too be based on a lie, perhaps. but love is nothing to be ashamed of, even if we find it was based on a lie, but hate... hate is not our normal state, not the normal face of life. hate strives to destroy and punish, etc. .. but i personally don't need any of that. i just wanna live as if i'm let to live, because thats life. not everything that forces us to hate life. hating life we used to love but why? then finding comfort in braking the good ones so we are not alone in this lie. hypnotised, destroying our family and not seeing it. a friend can become an enemy if they let it. and may be a monster to everyone but maybe, their friend still remmembers what they were before, and don't look at them with eyes of a stranger. to condemn can be too easy for us, yet to be the one being before the trial, we wouldn't want our judges to be so quick, would we? it would be unfair. better not to live in hate, but in hope :) cause the more hate in the world, the more unfairness we will live in, the worse everything becomes. i'm not saying we should accept everything and let go to whatever hit us. i'm saying that we shouldn't let go to the insanity of hate that often doesn't look who it hits, but to cherish and spread what we love and persist against those we never wanted. hopefully one day we will all have more dreams that come true and less desire to hurting them :/
195373 star9infinity 2015-03-30 00:25:05

i meant to say *that what we never wanted. things like this mistake i just did, that ruin otherwise beatyfull message.....
195373 star9infinity 2015-03-30 00:56:17

@Shaun013: But true love is charity. Being a helper to the widow and being a mother or a father to a child that doesnt have a mother or a father.

it would be great if such things did not happen in the first place.... but if they already did at least we can take away some of it....but it would be better if we never knew anything bad ( :
199093 Shaun013 2015-03-30 12:01:44

@star9infinity: hate has a reason just like love. hate makes hate stronger and love makes love stronger.. so its better to give a little love to everyone less or mor ...

Well spoken. thanks for the guidance. here in america. alot of people dont carry this wisdom. they are just followers instead of leaders. thanks again.
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