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true friendship doesn't hurt
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195373 star9infinity 2015-03-31 07:17:28

don't lose your faith in good friends, because of bad friends, that is a recepie for a world without friendship. friendship is a beautyfull thing and its not to blame for those that destroy it.. if you love true friendship you should stand up for it and not let them crush your spirit. even forgive when you think its worth it and maybe such friendship would become even stronger. not everyone is a betrayer. the best way to hurt sadness and pain, is to share joy and bliss : D it takes strength to go against the tide, to follow one just needs to give in to it, but not everything is good for us. just the same, some may ruin our day and it may crush our happyness, dreams and all the bliss we loved being in, if we let them. but if they never came, we would still dream. they gave us hate but we can, not accept it.
the gift of true friendship. wish you happy days and let us never give up what truely matters. if we all hated each other, what kind of world would we live in. aren't the best things there because we cared? the best is to care for others the way you'd want others to care for you ( : and slowly, we'll be happier again
i copied this from another post, because i'd want everyone to see it. wish you all a happy life ( : .... .. everyone
199093 Shaun013 2015-04-01 12:04:47

Friends also will never do or tell the to do anything to hurt them or get them ino trouble. but help each other in time of need. Most time you think you are buddy buddy with someone because you can relate a little too. but in the long run if you stop and think and availuate the relationships. you can see to think of the buddies who is really are not your friends.
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