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•juSticE fOr krAck•
TOPIC id: 186663
Replies: 133 - Views: 260
191310 Intearz 1w 10m ago


Why on earth only profile(krack) ji gets blamed for any unwanted happenings on spell s-icon_exclaim

Is there any conspiracy going on against this innocent user.. With the assistance of some foreign fundings.!!!!! s-hihi

Here.. Just classify urself into :::

1. List A - as a krack ji supporters


2. List B - as a krack critic
193257 rohiit 7ds 22h ago

Krack bada bhala manus se..or bhalo ka zamana nahi aaj kal s-hihi
191310 Intearz 7ds 17h ago

@rohiit: Krack bada bhala manus se..or bhalo ka zamana nahi aaj kal s-hihi

se-hehe बहते क्रैक में सब हाथ धोरे सै
39764 krack 7ds 15h ago

Tipic is in Science forum s-mad
193257 rohiit 7ds 13h ago

@krack: Tipic is in Science forum s-mad

39764 krack 7ds 12h ago

@rohiit: s-3lol

Sploiolol tupoic
193257 rohiit 6ds 12h ago

@krack: Sploiolol tupoic

199407 downey 6ds 11h ago

List B, Steppenwolf hai Kekda aur Ragnarok hai kauwa, Justice league Return
191310 Intearz 6ds 9h ago

@krack: Tipic is in Science forum s-mad

हां.. ऐसे अत्यंत गंभीर विषय पे शोध होना चाहिए

191310 Intearz 6ds 9h ago

@krack: Sploiolol tupoic

se-dunno1 aate nahi Ab wakeel sahab
191310 Intearz 6ds 9h ago

@rohiit: s-3lol

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