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Interesting 😵
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196182 pushpa 2018-03-02 21:36:01

I was just wondering why Indian parents hate their sons so much. These poor guys are not taught to make even a cup of tea for themselves, forget cooking an entire meal. They have absolutely no idea about housecleaning or laundry or how to look after themselves.


They forever have to live on the mercies of others. This is so sad. I know a men who will never be able to go on a trip, be it for work or pleasure, thier wives do not pack thier suitcase for them.

There is an entire generation of Indian men who would literally starve to death if left on thier own.

I always thought parents loved all thier children equally but that is clear not the case. They raise thier daughters who can take care of themselves and will survive under any condition... But they raise sons to be helpless and without any life skills.

I think we should start a petition for equal rights for men at home. 😂😂😂

Dont laugh,, think abt it,,, while Indian women are all set to conquer, our poor boys will die a slow death because nobody showed them how to turn on the cooking gas...!!!😂😂😂😁
173942 SHILO 2018-03-03 01:19:47

159484 rohit007 2018-03-03 05:34:06

174954 wise_words 2018-03-03 08:47:54

Does not apply to whole of indies ... s-hihi
196182 pushpa 2018-03-03 11:05:37

@wise_words: Does not apply to whole of indies ... s-hihi

How s-thinking1
199829 Divya246 2018-03-03 14:28:19

53144 wasim20khan 2018-03-03 16:44:38

196182 pushpa 2018-03-03 16:46:03

@wasim20khan: Strange!

Isme strange kya hai,,,

The real facts na s-lol
13377 Demon 2018-03-03 16:49:50

13377 Demon 2018-03-03 16:50:25

Pushpa I hate tears
196182 pushpa 2018-03-03 16:51:12

@Demon: Pushpa I hate tears

Ohhh tq..

And me too s-grrr
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