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196182 pushpa 2018-08-02 19:04:06

You’re going to fall in love with the wrong people. You’re going to fall in love with people who’ll tell you that they will die without you but in reality they won't die. You’ll be in relationships that make you feel lonely, unloved and disrespected. And although you’ve probably already given yourself a hoard of excuses to hang in there, know when to let go. Understand that it is not selfish to care about your own happiness; that just because they haven’t, doesn’t mean it is unimportant.
You deserve better, you deserve someone who’ll make you feel good about yourself, who’ll help you move towards your dreams and be so savagely proud of you at every step you take. Find someone you’ll not have to give excuses to be with. Love, after all, should not be such a hard thing to do. It is not a competition. It is not a series of anxiety attacks. Love should be the home you always come back to, and stay.
There are thirty-seven trillion cells functioning together to create your beautiful body. There is so much love, so many experiences, learnings and dreams that went into building this person that you are today. You are strong. There’s a lot you can do in life. There is a lot more that you can do in life.
So move out and move on. One day it’ll stop hurting. One day you’ll look back and be proud of how far you’ve come from where you used to be. Give it time. Forgive. You have too much to look forward to in life to be consumed by the struggles of your past. You’re not a tragedy, you’re healing and it’s beautiful.
137442 Irfan76 2018-08-02 20:28:46

s-idk english
196182 pushpa 2018-08-02 20:50:05

@Irfan76: s-idk english

Tho sikho s-teacher
200083 ICONIC 2018-08-02 21:15:56

137442 Irfan76 2018-08-02 21:30:11

@pushpa: Tho sikho s-teacher

ok teacher s-yay
199829 Divya246 2018-08-02 21:52:08

193257 rohiit 2018-08-02 21:53:13

190732 soumen007 2018-08-02 22:00:03

s-india paltan s-hart5
196182 pushpa 2018-08-02 22:00:36

@soumen007: s-india paltan s-hart5

Especially dedicated to u s-tease
190732 soumen007 2018-08-02 22:04:43

@pushpa: Especially dedicated to u s-tease

196182 pushpa 2018-08-02 22:05:43

@soumen007: s-why

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