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Physicist & their contribution
TOPIC id: 65689
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16669 Raavii 2010-11-01 06:55:32

se-q There are lotzz of physicists from different countries of the world, who brought a significant change in the field of physics.
For example.. Archimedes with his principle of buoyancy, Newton with law of motion and gravitation.. and so on...

In this topic, all you have to do is to post name of physicists with their contribution they have contributed..
Note: Maximum 2 replies at a time.. with single physicists in a reply.. ( you can picture t0o)
That means you are not allowed to post your next reply untill s0meone post another.. So make sure to wait for s0meone after replying..
So that everyone can get a chance and in this way everyone will be benefited.

Thank y0u!!! s-divine
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