How to find IMEI number!
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29258 Sreedeep 2010-12-04 14:54:04

Mobile phone thefts are increasing day by day and the annual losses are ranging in around 500 crore rupees which
is a huge amount of money. You can also be a victim of mobile
phone theft like me who lost a nokia mobile phone. Try to make sure you perform the most
important steps to make sure you recover a Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone.
Generally people dont care about any important mobile phone details like IMEI numbers or any
other details of their handsets which is the reason once they
lose their handsets they are in a stage where they cannot do
anything about the theft. First of all you need to find the IMEI
number of your mobile phone
which can be easily done by dialing *#06# which once done
shows you the Serial Number which is a 15 digit unique number for your mobile phone
handset. You need to give this IMEI number to your mobile
phone telecom service provider for tracking.
You can also go for mobile phone insurance because with the increasing about of handser
thefts its better to pay a small amount of money towards
insurance and stay tension free
though you cannot recover the important data on your handset
and its only possible to recover a new handset from the insurance company in case your handset is
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10544 Tejsm 2012-04-18 22:32:24

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