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<Maths><Challenge> 2
TOPIC id: 70490
Replies: 7 - Views: 872
74479 ronniebasak22 2011-01-08 13:22:21

Can u solve it?(my phone dont have plus, pls consider "@" as Plus)
1 @ 1/2 @ 1/4 @ 1/16 @ 1/32 .....(n)< X

i.e sum of these can never reach a number. what is the least value of it.
here, n can b any positive number (including infinity)
74479 ronniebasak22 2011-01-08 13:25:25

by the way the terms are in GEOMETRIC PROGRESSION. but I don't know if u calculate it with sum of G.P formula. Try it..
11070 almie_gibe 2011-01-08 19:42:13

Whats the answer?
74479 ronniebasak22 2011-01-08 21:32:48

Sorry, plz note the sign
its not "=" its "<". I know that any one can solve it with "=". The series can never reach a number. what is the least value. The sum was discovered by Srinivas Ramanujan. And its logical sum nt imaginary.
74479 ronniebasak22 2011-01-08 21:37:36

Clue: the number is not greater than 10 and not less than 1. And its a Natural number that means it can neither be fractional nor include "n".
74479 ronniebasak22 2011-01-09 21:10:29

Anybuddy cant.
Pls ans.
The problem was given by a class X(10)Student..
Try it.
74479 ronniebasak22 2011-01-10 10:14:56

Yes! The ans is always less than 2. because.
2-1=1 but it added 1/2.
2-3/2=1/2 but it added 1/4.
So as u go on it adds half of the distance to reach 2. So 2 is the least value.
85441 Ashvin34 2011-01-10 22:04:03

Dislike maths
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