Number Portabily in Punjab
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50 Punjabi 2011-01-11 10:36:24

Mobile Number Portabily in Punjab.
Good news from 21 January,2011 we can change our mobile service provider without changing mobile number.
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1.You have write sms
in place of X write your ten digit mobile number.
2.You will receive Unique posting code of eight digit.
3.Now go to your desired company outlet with posting code,photograph and address proff.
4.They will give you a new SIM. (but before this you have to clear all dues of previous company)
5. Now new company will deduct rs.19 from old sim balance.
6.After completion of all checkings new company will send message shifting successful.
7.Now insert new SIM and enjoy.
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1. CDMA user can shift to GSM.
2. Freedom to user to change company without changing number.
-q -q -q -q -q -q -q -q -q
1.Customer has to use services minimum for 90 days after that he can change company.
2.There will be no balance carry forward.
3.Difficult to know from number that which company's sim is in use.
3. During this process of shifting there will be no network signals (around two hours)
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22983 Identity 2011-01-11 11:24:42

MNP started in punjab... waiting for rajasthan...
55196 raj2k7 2011-01-11 11:52:18

What is the sheduled for launching MNP in other circles....??
46104 sumit27 2011-01-11 12:54:16

i think its starting from or 26 january 2011..
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