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Remember their great sacrifice
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61134 Himanz 2011-09-08 12:50:52

"Oh! the people of India.!
Raise all the slogans you desire.,
This is a great day
for us all!!
But don't forget
on the border..
The brave did lose
their lives..
And remember each
great soldier.,
Who did not return
home ever..
Shed a few tears.,
For those who
martyred on ice.,
Remember their great sacrifice!!

You don't forget
That is why I am
reciting you the tale..
When injured was the Himalayan.!!
Might, Our freedom was in jeopardy.,
Till their last breath
did they fight.,
And then laid their
dead body..
Resting their head
on the soil.,
Sacrificed and slept
When the country celebrated Diwali.,
They played with their blood the game of Holi..
When we were sitting safe at our homes.,
They dealt with deadly bullets and bombs..
Blessed they were
those soldiers.,
Blessed were their youths..
Some Sikh,
Some Jaat and
Some were Gurkha
or Madrasi..
But each soldier who
died on the border.,
Was a brave Indian.!!

The blood that stained
the mountain..
That blood was that
of an Indian.,
With blood their body
was drenched.,
Yet they lifted their rifle
and aimed..
One killed tens of
the enemy.,
Then fell down unconsciously..
When the final moment came on.,
They said they will
die now..
Be happy all Indians We've done our part.,
Now its your turn!!

We embark on eternal journey now.,
How great were
those patriots.,
How great was
their pride..
Don't you ever forget
their glory.,
So I narrated this
noble story..
For those who martyred
on ice.,
Remember their great sacrifice!!"
!!."Jai Hind".!!
86270 Shailu 2011-09-08 14:23:45

I remember that song, sang by Lata didi and tears came down eyes of Javaharlal nehru. Ai mere vatan ke logo, jara akh me bharlo pani, jo shahid hue hai unki, jara yad karo kurbani. Tum bhul na jao unko, is lie kahi ye kahani, jo shahid hue hai unki, jara yad karo kurbani.
86270 Shailu 2011-09-08 14:24:38

71067 waydefiner 2011-09-08 16:11:32

Nice s-up
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