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22-04-13 - 17:31:18
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brownie black wavy
I like not to be pondered by but to ponder over the liked one is my best likes....want a little care from whom I expect. Don't have fix likes..can adjust to as occasion suits. s-signgb
over smarts,egoistic,gossiping...those who ask for my phn num and irritates me when I don't want to chatt to some selected persons...coz very often I don't express my dislikes to avoid the second person's sentiments .
Bad Habits:
easy trusting; I warn you..done get irritated- coz i like delving deep in mystries so I will irratate you until and unless I get it s-smirk don't get annoyed s-netaddict s-gurrr s-boss1
Good Habits:
s-jenni23 I don't believe in promises.when I mean yes its yes and when I mean no..thats what I mean.i dont trust swearing by any human being. Although am trustful too keep trusts if some one takes me trustworthy s-treeswing
I don't play any game...and I hate being played.
soft musicsvoice of jageet singh,mikahsing,rahat fatehalikhan, britney,adams
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s-moodswg you can't guess my mood s-lol it changes frequently. So pliz don't rely on what I say.Coz, I prefer concealing far more better than revealing..I hate people taking advantage of my trustful nature; likes chatting when I m free but most of the times I get myself involed in forums and chatt room here so if it hurts somebody at my late reply I can't take the risk of your can avoid me coz its not my ego but my idle nature, I could hardly change.
s-devilsgirl Nextly,The more I like the light of the evening I hate morning sunshine and dreadfully I hate being in darkness;doesn't matter whether it be the darkness of night or darkness of heart. Rest talk to me and you will know me far better than I say it to you.

recent dislike updated:-I hate...when sometimes I discovered myself as only a shadow who have no any expectations other than to stay behind you...whom you ignore to realise in your real world's my plea, pliz don't do it to me as it pains badly......
lastly,I love my friends)s-giftbasket
N.B:-don't give me heart s-silly unless I ask for coz I don't take risk of others possessions se-hehe

s-2love se-brockgal
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