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26/Male/delhi,jehlum nagar,india
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21-01-13 - 18:14:04
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mein kyu bataun... ACROBAT
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@''@ two e
###GUD Frndship.... S-alwayssmile My likers se-ar s-hihi Honest PeOPle etc......!!***People wid gud attitude n clean character.......****
[b]<<<<<cheats>>>>>>lierz>>>>froads>>>>fake ids>>>>>
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NO BOdy izz PerFEct here......<<<<<<<<SO>>>>>>>i wanna to know them better through u friendzz
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{{{{{{{i dun noe realy!!!}}}}}}}
cric...volly......foot....n base ball the most!!!!
Slow n Soft....especially songs describing the lyf n tym...lyk daSong<<<<<BEETAY LAMHAY>>>>>
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DEPTHS OF LONLINESS I LIKE TO WALK THROUGH LONELY PLACES TO COLLECT FALLEN LEAVES.. To gather Unknown faces... Throw stone in silent pond.. To watch the torn pages... Look into sky during snow falls.. Vigil out pictures on rough walls. Lyf iz tough at unknown stages.. Instead i walk..i walk through.. I cant lie myslf..my hands chilled, with the shackles of tym n endless savages. I lyk to c the ripples on equal waters.. Lyf is a book...a book of tym.. I go on gather myslef alone sm where,, either in between lonliness or cues.. I gather the dried leaves..the victims of tym.. I gather my gud past whr i m nt .. C that crow about to kill the nature.. I gather people n people..nly in world of Acrobats.... se-ar Impersonating дlɪεεм ядsнɪεεδ
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