What it does:
CHATROOM is a place where your users can chat with each other. wapSPELL WAP Master section provides you a free chat room for your site with ZERO effort installation. Simply link it and its working!!!
To use chat room service, you need to signup for wapSPELL wapMASTER account. Its free!
When you signup, and login to your account, you'll get a userID to use this service.
Sample LINK:
So Just Login or Signup to wapMASTER ACCOUNT

* Its Ultra Fast
* Its Easy to use
* Its Reliable
* Secure
* 300 + cool smilies included!
* You dont have to learn programming or script curves
* No configurations needed! Link it, use it.
* Easy HTML interface with no CSS for fastest chatting experience.
* Fully linked to your own site.