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TOPIC id: 111532
Replies: 184 - Views: 1181
110735 DivinePrincess 2012-01-26 08:30:50

New Rules of Active Groups:

Introduced by profile(Wasim20khan):

Youngistan must be in First, tat too 100 topics ahead of Chocolicious Island group or watevr group is next to his group, so tat he shud b in first place in active list alwys.

se-e Yesterday I started a creative contest TOPIC: 111315

se-e wen he logged in aftr his nap, he was shocked to see tat topic... he found 20 topics increased in Chocolicious group.

se-e So he started to add topics one by one to compensate n balance my group topics wid 100 topics as usual.

se-e At d same time, chocolicious group regular users, posted few poemz, quiz n stories as per their routine posting.

se-e So he asked his group manager mavic_jo also to post topics.

Finally.....these dummy topics were posted instantly by both, to reach 100 topics ahead frm chocolicious group.. They feel tats d balance. It shud be 100 topics less compulsorily....

1. TOPIC: 111408
2. TOPIC: 111409
3. TOPIC: 111355
4. TOPIC: 111368
5. TOPIC: 111370
6. TOPIC: 111366
7. TOPIC: 111369
8. TOPIC: 111399
9. TOPIC: 111398
10. TOPIC: 111397
11. TOPIC: 111396
12. TOPIC: 111367
13. TOPIC: 111365
14. TOPIC: 111364
15. TOPIC: 111363
16. TOPIC: 111361
17. TOPIC: 111360
18. TOPIC: 111358
19. TOPIC: 111357
20. TOPIC: 111356
21. TOPIC: 111354
22. TOPIC: 111401
23. TOPIC: 111400
24. TOPIC: 111405
25. TOPIC: 111406

Howevr wasim told syed tat he was shocked to see extra topics in my group n asked him to find reason frm me, behind those topics...
I told its just a special republic day contest n wats wrong in tat...

se-e Immediately i went n saw Youngistan being flooded by both....

I saw tat he artificially mking so many topics to raise its number. He inviting all members to d gud topics but he got many unwanted topics just for number, tat is buried n nt noticed.

This happens since many days I guess... To remain in First place all d time shud be natural. It must nt b artificial like tis. If sumone else is in my position, then he too wil start competiting him by flooding. At one stage wasim wil giveup n report him to profile(auro) and then tat group wil b deleted.

I request our wapSPELL OWNER to remove d ACTIVE GROUPS LIST frm wapspell. This is d only possible way to stop this artificial ranking. Frnds hve to correct if their frnd going in wrong way. But here all r reverse.

I noticed this only yesterday... I m also blinded so long due to bro,sis sentiment... Give justice to us Auro. I want healthy competotion betwn groups in wapspell. Not tis type of rude competition.

If u r still nt convinced then do watevr... But as long as Active Groups list is thr, we wont hve healthy atmosphere betwn groups. Lots of politics n floodings r there bcz of this option.

131888 heartking4 2012-01-26 08:34:21

Delete youngistan as heart snatchers.this message is 4 mr.auro..n m with divine
40749 ykrobeah 2012-01-26 08:35:00

I suggest owner to provide a limit of topics in groups per day such that this kind of issues might not raise in future.
131888 heartking4 2012-01-26 08:38:03

Kya auro ji ab apke rules idhar kam karege?
40749 ykrobeah 2012-01-26 08:38:05

I request our wapSPELL OWNER to remove d ACTIVE GROUPS LIST frm wapspell

That's not a good idea..
That will discourage group owners and even on what basis the group should be arranged when an use search for a group..

150119 badal 2012-01-26 08:39:27

ya youngistan grp shud be delete s-up
129002 Fathomable 2012-01-26 08:39:41

129002 Fathomable 2012-01-26 08:41:02

@heartking4: Delete youngistan as heart snatchers.this message is 4 mr.auro..n m with divine

Mardalunge pir se kaha tho s-axe
131888 heartking4 2012-01-26 08:42:30

Wasim ko nikal ke fek do
150119 badal 2012-01-26 08:53:16

@Fathomable: Mardalunge pir se kaha tho s-axe

mardalogi toh police pakdegi tumko aur jail s-jail chali jaogi
131888 heartking4 2012-01-26 08:53:29

When i was flooded in my grp it was deleted without any warning.so rules r same na@ miss lorie
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