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awwww + awwww
TOPIC id: 135835
Replies: 18 - Views: 397
67994 Steve_22 2012-08-30 20:50:26

Girl ,whats the price of this blue dress? Sales man:5000$ girl:awwww....!! Girl:and that pink one? Sales man:awwww + awwww :d
81507 muszick 2012-08-30 21:37:17

Suno mitra ye topic wapspell ki Sonia Gandhi profile(Asfara_Zabeen) ko dikhao..

awwww awwww s-3lol
67994 Steve_22 2012-08-30 21:41:36

awwww ...
81507 muszick 2012-08-30 21:43:23

awwwwww s-ooh

Teetli profile(cute20) bhi bahot awwwz karti eh.. s-3lol
52866 Krouze 2012-08-30 21:50:31

hehe awww awww awwww awww ladke log sath main rahe toh ewwww ewwww eewww s-lol
157900 Bubbly 2012-08-30 21:50:56

10000$ s-lol
40749 ykrobeah 2012-08-30 22:06:30

Jokes in general section?
19216 blueflame 2012-08-30 22:13:18

s-lol sahi tha !! ladkiyo k har pic pe cmt yahi rehta h !! awww sissy looking very cutey !! awww hawww !! pta ni kya locha !! cute bnane k chakkar me dumb bn jati h!
40400 aleas 2012-08-30 22:15:17

74026 Pathania 2012-08-30 22:16:59

34039 Cute20 2012-08-30 22:17:47

@muszick: awwwwww s-ooh Teetli profile(cute20) bhi bahot awwwz karti eh.. s-3lol

awwwwwww+awwwwwww+awwwwwwwww+awwwwwww+awwwwwwww+awwwwwww s-hihi
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