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TOPIC id: 144550
Replies: 41 - Views: 680
101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:25:27

As i wr0te dz t0pic ur stl always on my mind. . .
As i wake up dz m0rning ur stl always on my mind. . .
Now i dunn0 wat 2say bt ol i knw ur stl always on my mnd. . .
101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:27:58

Ol i want 2say z dat ur always be n my heart,mind,lyf nd datz 4ever! ! !s-wub
101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:31:26

It s0undz lyk dramatc or oa bt itz ol true. . .
U cn't lie f u r nluv. . .
U cn't f0ol urslf wen u r nluv. . .
90962 Ashwin25 2013-01-15 06:33:04

s-hmmm kapatd s-wub se-hehe
101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:35:45

@Ashwin25: s-hmmm kapatd s-wub se-hehe

U lyk 8 kpatd s-smile
101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:39:51

Be true 2 urslf. . .dnt b shy 2tel watz rly nsyd ur heart, dat u luv dat person eithr u r a guy or grl. . .s-smile
101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:44:32

Dnt thnk cuz u r a grl u r shy 2tel 2da guy dat u love hm. .itz wr0ng atlzt dey knw dat dey r spczl 2u,nd u knw wat wud b der reactzn. . .nd u'l b aware dat dz pers0n z rly meant 4u or nt meant 4u. . .
39764 krack 2013-01-15 06:51:58

101971 michel_buterfly 2013-01-15 06:58:08

@krack: se-asreading

39764 krack 2013-01-15 07:00:13

@michel_buterfly: s-huh

se-asreading im reading ur topic.
159484 rohit007 2013-01-15 07:04:00

Beautiful s-up s-nice1
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