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Indian girl has higher IQ than
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34039 Cute20 2013-03-06 17:22:30

London, Mar 5 (ANI): A 12-year-old Indian girl has stunned everyone after she was revealed to have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Neha Ramu achieved a score of 162 on a Mensa IQ test - the highest score possible, the Telegraph reported.

Despite her young age, the score puts her in the top one percent of brightest people in the UK, which means she is more intelligent than Hawking, Bill Gates and even Einstein, who are all thought to have an IQ of 160.

Ramu's doctor parents, who lived in India before moving to Britain when their daughter was seven, had no idea their daughter was so gifted.

Although she had always performed well at school, it was only when she took an entrance exam for Tiffin Girls', a high-achieving grammar school, and achieved a perfect score of 280/280 that they realised her capabilities.

Two years later, she took the test for Mensa, a society for people with high IQs, and achieved the maximum possible score for someone aged under 18.

"I am so proud of her. Although she's being doing well at these kind of tests for sometime now this is just marvellous. I can't express the feeling," Neha's mother Jayashree said.

The score would be sufficient to get her into any Ivy League university.(ANI)

(Link. Click here to open)

34039 Cute20 2013-03-06 17:23:09

awwww proud to be an Indian !! India rocksss !!!! s-up
138 BOSs 2013-03-06 17:36:21

I know I know s-boogie
88212 priyasarkar 2013-03-06 18:03:21

s-india s-happy
159484 rohit007 2013-03-06 18:49:36

very good news.s-up s-india
90114 Ravi468 2013-03-06 18:57:38

Wow very good news sis,, She is very amazing na! Thanks for ur valuable info!
9984 Tariq 2013-03-06 18:58:48

173259 irshadahmad 2013-03-06 19:01:44

very good
168786 Zeeshan_khan 2013-03-06 19:54:28

155522 SwEEt-RiyA 2013-03-06 19:58:09

great.. Indian always rockks s-up
74026 Pathania 2013-03-06 20:11:19

Mensa socienty assumes that Einsteen IQ was 160+, but they'r nt sure..
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