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Some experiences of mine..
TOPIC id: 150626
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74479 ronniebasak22 2013-05-16 23:11:01

Hello guys, Today on a conversation, one have asked me to change myself from what I am.

Here I go, I have had some bitter experiences in my life. which I am going to share
and especially which made me what I am.

What I accept: I am arrogant, rude, daring, confidant, not-so-simple, don't always control what i say etc.

What I don't: I am bad, violent, dumb, nerd etc.

So, whatever my traits are obviously influenced by my experiences. Born on 3rd august of 1996 in a middle class family.
I born in a village. Pretty small.

color-red(NOTE: some words may seem like, I'm boasting off, but in order to explain, I must use them. Sowie :( )

Okay, though I was from a middle class family, I was not from an uneducated family.. neither an ill-reputed one.

I was admitted to school which I enjoyed, but then I noticed something. I was pretty much average in studies, I clearly remember one day in my
Pre-elementary school (in bangla, Ka-maan) All my friends could do two digits multiplications, Except me.. My ranks were consistently less than expected.
I used to spend the time in looking at the sky (as everyone told me and jocked at it).. Soon that looking in the sky became my passion...

But after that, I was hard at studies and never got poor marks in mathematics and I must boast this time, I have a clear conception.
Unlike many others, who solved geometry problems as described, I used to prove everything on mine, which tend to a poorer performance because of lack of time...

Studies apart, let me jump onto the physical and social field which was clearly opposite.
From child, I was weaker than average mates.. It was no sin unless I saw that I was being heavily bullied by every1 on class. Not even the so-called good boys was void to bully me. I was probably the weakest guy. Even many juniors could beat me up.. Whatever that may be I was ended up very frustrating..
I was pretty much isolated from the society which was my classmates. You can think of that, you have only one or two weak guys with you.. NO that was not my case.. Not even 1.. I was completely alone.

Till class 5. I many times I went to play with friends, either they rejected to let me play and many times, they took my pants off in middle of field.. you know, what that can feel like??

But my only thing I could do was thinking, I emerged in a world of imagination. that was my place of peace. I was never into TV. I was in painting, studies and imagination.. maybe daydream...

What that maybe, at class eight, till seven, I barely talked to girls, I was very introvert. At eight I had a few friends, which were less-bully, they told me to fight back... I said, "are oder sathe ki ar ami parbo" which means. "Hey, how can I fight them?" they said, who said to fight? Just oppose, I did, and at the worst, I was beated badly..

But that didn't feel bad because I injured one of them.. After that, I changed, I was not extrovert, but opposing, I could not let them do anything, and you know?? Things turned. towards good. after class 9, I never had a fight... but climaxes changed and a devastating incident happened.

There is a small cafe in our area, where there was a telephone kept.. we were there, I found my turn will be in 2hrs. I got out and roamed... And one of my cosmetic friends, called up a girl from that number (i can't write the detail info here)... She was my classmate.

It was too bad, too bad experience, her father caught me sitting there, and since he knew me, no point of doubt that I was the culprit.. It felt like I was being raped... I was accused of behaving bad with a girl!! But soon, I managed to made his anger lil bit down and agreed to come to his home with a friend.

But you know rumours! It spread very fast that, I called up a girl, abused and his dad took me and beat me(in hindi terms, utha ke le gaya usko) ...
But the reality was, he did not even scratch me!! You can confirm 4m profile(Dragon_X) if the incident I'm talking about actually happenned or not.. Every1 listened that...

Okay, that broke me down.. Just like a victim of rape can't concentrate, I could neither study nor play.... I only found this virtual world to be good, I got some very good friends namely profile(aleas), profile(Cute20), profile(curtley264), profile(khushi), and my real world friend was Sujan and Santunu (profile(Dragon_X)) though, I haven't shared my feelings with santunu..
at that exact moment. It felt like Its healing, but every1 told me that I was addicted to internet!! Well, what was the way when every1 looked to me as a probable growing up rapist??? you know, what I'm exactly meaning, and with a little bit of thinking, you can feel like how it felt like.. If internet was not there, I admit, I would probably die or get mad..

So, this incident ate me... My results touching the skies, sat down to floor.. I got 3 and 2.5 in two consecutive tests in advanced mathematics.. And got a whole-life desease. Migraine.. Most of you don't know the reason behind my migraine, many blame it on my internet usage. But its the incident, I directly blame..

Okay, so, to survive their eyes, I started to ignore the sights, it directly tend to a arrogant behavior which I found the people are afraid to speak up on my mouth because I replied on their mouth.. So, you can see! The world was turning again.. And at all these, my HSLC tests occured, I attained a mark of 18/100 on advanced maths.

But things were changing fast.. MY uncle forecasted It would be more than enough if I could attain the 45% mark.. But you know! THings were changing fast, and within 2 months I could manage myself to prepare for the final exams, though I have given my 100%, And was expecting around 70%. It could not happen, I don't know why... I still think, I could get over 70% as it gone really well.. though, I attained a mark of 87 in the same advanced mathematics. and a percentage of 62.5%.

But, that guy was changed. All these changed myself completely.. Instead of being insecure of my short stature, I felt like, I am unique, and everyone have their own attributes. Its all genetics to impact my height.. anyways, now I'm completely accepted in my current friend circle.. and the good news is, I don't really give a *the f-word* to them, who tries to bully me..

Anyone can't deny that, if they've asked from help, I have simply rejected. Yes, some was not possible for me to fulfill, but It was not that I have not tried...

I don't want any comments saying sorry, I just said my story to my friends. (not just every1) If you feel like, you can comment something good, please. otherwise, please don't bother to write. its just the story of my attitude, my rudeness.... not my autobiography
74479 ronniebasak22 2013-05-16 23:11:59

If you feel its big.. Please don't read.. Only those who liked reading it, do. I could not make it any shorter...
108242 A2WWW 2013-05-16 23:57:34

i read it......bro i can relate to some of that.......!
Tune tho senti kar dia! s-hihi
34039 Cute20 2013-05-17 00:33:06

Mmmmmmm i really wish to say you many things .. but i have chosen inbox as a path dis time ... I am consistently amazed and a bit of angry too bhai .. wat i wanna say here dat everything is not for everyone so choose wats right for you .. i must appreciate dat u have shared these all wid everyone .. but everyone may not be capable of understanding dis .. trust me .. i always love and care for you as my bhai Ronnie .. so wanna tell u 1 thing Be bold, be confident, be clear about what you want to say but choose the right platform first .. Everyone will not get everything, dis is the RULE of LIFE,
dont try to get which is not yours but dont dare to loose which is yours..! Love you bhai ..

Rests we will discuss in the inbox !!!
175641 Dan6eR_toXic 2013-05-17 00:38:22

I read it too..and asi've knw yu...u r a good person.
74479 ronniebasak22 2013-05-17 00:39:31

@Cute20: Mmmmmmm i really wish to say you many things .. but i have chosen inbox as a path dis time ... I am consistently amazed and a bit of angry too bhai .. ...

It is not everything, as you know, I have written, Its just the story of my rudeness, my attitude, not my autobiography.. I have not shared everything, i have just given an image... and those who don't like me will not read such a huge story....
106777 sumits60v2 2013-05-17 07:13:12

i see..now I understand a little bit...and chill out buddy..i know how unique you are...s-bbuddy
40400 aleas 2013-05-17 07:36:02

@sumits60v2: i see..now I understand a little bit...and chill out buddy..i know how unique you are...s-bbuddy

Yup agreed :)
40400 aleas 2013-05-17 07:38:16

mera bhi kuch esa esa he hai...
1 % wapSPELL Staff 2013-05-17 09:27:42

93544 Manojk 2013-05-17 15:50:27

Bhai i read above,few of things also happened with me in early classes,but as i progressed my reputation in society got highered and it is still at the journey to complete the top.
Bhai whatever the society do,i dont care and i really want to do by which i will happy.

In my whole life i got you,in my friend circle very uniq and awesome.
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