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Recent changes in wapSPELL
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2 AURO 2013-11-30 12:04:40

Hi wapSPELLers!

Its been a while since we last made any updates to the site. We hope you are all doing good. s-smile

We made some recent changes in wapSPELL in the concept, performance, efficiency and reliability.

Robust backend

We have now made a major update by shifting wapSPELL to a robust new back-end with powerful distributed processing. That means better reliability in terms of site up time and hassle-free usage.

Speed of processing

We have now tremenduously improved wapSPELL's processing speed by introducing special programming methods. That means quick responses and faster access.

Better and hindrance-free network

A better network is a key to low latency in access - the time taken by linking between you and the server - which makes wapSPELL much more faster than ever before and eventually one of the fastest sites in the world!

Removing the experimental invisibility feature

As you know we launched an experimental invisibility feature. Most of the users themselves went invisible which resultantly made them secluded and finally bored. For a social networking site like wapSPELL, users add value to the site which in turn attracts more users and healthy friend circles; but without users there can be no value and in turn no users. Both these statements are inter-dependent to a very complex level. Hence, we removed the experimental invisibility feature. If you are disturbed by a lot of unwanted messages from people, you have the option to accept messages only from your buddies.

Do not accept buddy requests without studying their public behavior and analyzing their profiles/creations. Dislike the profiles of disturbing/bad elements and put them to your ignore list by going to their profiles. This is a very good measure to keep away from tussles and rows. This also helps protecting others from such users by adversely affecting the reputation after you dislike.

As far as buddies and privacy is concerned, in the world of globalization and unification in the present time, we all should learn how to manage our friends in a mutually-respectable manner. Learn to respect life of others and expect others to respect yours too. If a person cannot respect your life and your ways, he/she probably does not comply with you and surely should not be with you.

Better privacy in online list and buddy list

Earlier everyone could see the location of users. Which certainly caused privacy issue to many users. We have been getting a lot of suggestions to hide the locations of users. So we complied accordingly by removing it.

Enhancing the Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are one of the most loved places on wapSPELL. We always have been striving towards betterment of the chat. Recently we improved the interface of Chat rooms for comfortable and easy usage.

We are making continuing efforts to improve wapSPELL and make your stay comfortable.

Your suggestions are most welcome in Suggestion Box of the site.

Love you all!

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