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Regarding lowering Reputation
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2 AURO 2013-12-08 20:53:59

Dear User,

To know how reputation works, kindly check FAQ: 77

If you see your reputation decreasing slowly, one of the reasons for that may be deletion of old/unused accounts from the site. Hence their contibution to your reputation gets withdrawn by that. If that would be the case, everyone would be affected by that and the over all worth of your reputation remain the same. No need to worry.

Another reason for steady decrease/increase in reputation is increase/decrease in voting power of your likers/dislikers. Fluctuation in their voting power would reflect in your reputation.

To gain more reputation, simply make healthy relations with site users and avoid scuffles and rows in public.

Kindly read and understand above FAQ: 77 before raising any live help query about reputation.

Love you all!
138 BOSs 2013-12-08 21:44:16

Let me clarify one more thing

"Reputation gained by your activity will not be lost in any case, Our system will remove ids which were not used for more than 6 months and the reputation you lose is only the amount you gained in terms of their LIKES and it will be minimal."
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