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We care: Recent changes
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2 AURO 2014-05-01 23:39:36

Hello, my dear wapSPELLERS!

Hope you are doing good and enjoying wapSPELL. s-smile

Topics and Stuff that you like
Recently we brought some very necessary changes to wapSPELL. We are laying more emphasis on what you like and stuff you are interested in. We are also trying our best to structurally modify wapSPELL in such a way that better and more interesting content would get better exposure. This means better, healthier and interesting content! Good topic posters would be encouraged more.

Groups are awesome!
Groups are like small communities based on a particular theme managed by their respective group owners and group managers. Groups are a great way to get your favourite topics right on the main menu!

We are providing special exposure and promotion to group topics right now. If your reputation is more than 1000, create your own group now and begin building your own followers, before the competition gets tough! s-speedy

Smilies to make your communication much more lively than ever!
We are also doing our best to bring the cutest and loveliest of smilies that you would like. Our systems are generating logs which we would finally use to bring you the smilies you'd be interested in.

Start posting interesting topics in forums to enjoy public discussions! s-party

We care and we love you
wapSPELL is a community where we have always cared for you by providing you the best communication medium through our unique features. Our hardworking staff is available to you for helping you out and to maintain a friendly and pleasant environment. The staff also saves you from spammers, abusers, cyber criminals, scammers and other negative elements who tend to cause harm to you.

We love you! Jointly we make one family...

If you face any issues, feel free to contact LIVE HELP.

Your very own,
187665 Jimmyy 2014-05-01 23:42:40

S-1up Auro Paji...
173942 SHILO 2014-05-01 23:43:24

Hmm s-liked
163298 pendujatt 2014-05-01 23:44:01

paji tusi great ho...



for staff .. plz dnt take personaly as a admin if anybody say about u.. s-ty
173667 TTSHackerZ 2014-05-01 23:44:46

great paji... Tusi kamal o...love u ... Love ds site.
191503 nash 2014-05-01 23:47:08

s-up auro
10570 Sonu18 2014-05-01 23:47:28

s-up s-flowers
174053 driftking 2014-05-01 23:49:21

190987 alone05 2014-05-01 23:51:03

7190 Sameer131 2014-05-01 23:54:07

Good job mr.owner
62681 TheWelsh 2014-05-01 23:55:31

Thank you for making this lovely site. s-up we love you too. New setup seems khool! All the best.
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