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>HOPE is life<
TOPIC id: 169762
Replies: 31 - Views: 661
196030 Warrior 2014-06-14 14:43:58

"Never feel sad on losing anything in your life..!
Because whenever a tree loses its leaf, a new leaf is ready to take its place. ."
163298 pendujatt 2014-06-14 14:52:09


196030 Warrior 2014-06-14 15:01:50

@pendujatt: s-goodpost +6

thanks pendu !
187665 Jimmyy 2014-06-14 15:19:36

S-clap2 Nice...
163298 pendujatt 2014-06-14 15:20:15

@Warrior: thanks pendu !

s-mpunish ur se-bwelcom ji s-buba

196030 Warrior 2014-06-14 15:24:37

@pendujatt: s-mpunish ur se-bwelcom ji s-buba s-flowers

bawla hogya ke ?
7190 Sameer131 2014-06-14 18:36:13

163298 pendujatt 2014-06-14 18:59:47

@Warrior: bawla hogya ke ?


42258 Alidil 2014-06-14 19:13:07

186220 bLacKhaRt_aLgEa 2014-06-14 19:20:14

What if after tht leaf gone and tree dead...is there any another leaf to take it place?
42258 Alidil 2014-06-14 19:24:08

@bLacKhaRt_aLgEa: What if after tht leaf gone and tree dead...is there any another leaf to take it place?

Tree dead means we also dead s-3lol
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