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178289 Dijon2 2014-07-25 18:51:58

Anything done to Meeting, Filling, Fulfilling, Accomplishing any need or needs as required by a benefactor, an employer, our creator or the devil, is work. Work garners reward either to life or death. Work could be physcal{ Brawn } or Intellectual[ Brain ]. Works are in different grades, the higher the grade, the higher the rewards, the lower the Grade the lower the reward. Rewards are visible or invincible, tangible or intangible, rewards can come in the form of outright payment or promotions or demotion. Abilities for the work are either acquired by the individual or impacted by the Employer. One is either working to death or working to life. If you work for man or the devil, you are working to death. If you work for God you are working to life. A combination of Man and the devil or the devil and God will lead you to death, a combination of man and God as long as you obey the law of God will lead one to life.
187665 Jimmyy 2014-07-25 18:54:19

180289 moulikashyap3 2014-07-28 20:42:44



Our deeds attracks or repels us from the love of God. So long our deeds satisfy the devil we ll enjoy our life mending our soul to hell. The wide path is pleasing to our eyes but as we can choose the many opportunities we feel at ease fulfilling our pleasures.

But the way to truth and goofness is too narrow where we have the only opportunity that is to look ahead to the way through which the divine light is emiting...and the every dirts are crystal clear in front of our eyes where wr have to select only the perfect one which is too tough for us.

If we can struggle then we can win
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