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197973 BELLA 2014-11-30 11:46:03

U can b the most beautiful person in the world n evrybdy sees Light n Rainbows wen they look at U.But,if u yorself dont
197973 BELLA 2014-11-30 11:49:06

KNOW it all of that doesnt evn matter.Every second that u spend on doubting your worth,evry moment tht u CRITICIZE
197973 BELLA 2014-11-30 11:52:11

YORSELF;is a second of your life wasted,is a momnt of yor lyf thrown away.Its not lyk u hv foreva,so dont waste any
197973 BELLA 2014-11-30 11:54:34

OF your seconds,dnt throw evn one of yor moment away. =_0 :-)
40749 ykrobeah 2014-11-30 11:58:20

do the best each day to make a positive difference in someone's life.

It could be through having great conversations with people work with, or something as simple as asking "How are you?" to the pharmacy clerk for eg.

do something that you enjoy every day. So make sure u do some physical activity everyday.

It doesn't have to be working out. It could be taking a walk, reading a book or hanging out with friends.

When you do something you enjoy doing each day, you relieve tension and stress that has built up throughout the day.

Challenge yourself everyday. Do something different. Sometimes think what you would normally do in a situation and do the exact opposite. Say YES more.

I once heard someone say, "Everybody dies but only few live."

Live everyday like it was your last, and you will definitely live your life to the fullest.

90962 Ashwin25 2014-11-30 12:07:46

@ykrobeah: do the best each day to make a positive difference in someone's life. It could be through having great conversations with people work with, or som ...

s-lolly galib
40749 ykrobeah 2014-11-30 12:28:13

@Ashwin25: s-lolly galib

Gift for you.

120844 sragu91 2014-11-30 13:15:16

197932 pianssiii 2014-12-05 22:34:23

concept da rover logic!
37022 lathif 2014-12-05 22:56:21

@pianssiii: concept da rover logic!

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