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Can anyone solve this case..?
TOPIC id: 175376
Replies: 6 - Views: 566
106777 sumits60v2 2014-12-10 08:25:56

Hello friends, Well recently i got a interesting riddle from my friend. Its a criminal case riddle. Though i tried to solve it but still not sure what could be the answer of this. So give it a try and see if anyone can derive a solution out of this.

The original Roman historian, Gianpaolo Cozzini (50), was found dead with his hands and feet bound, but his hands were tied a little bit loose. Found some irregularities in the room where the victim was found, namely at the letter M in the alphabet table, found a horizontal line above it, as well as the body that was found with the face that dropped right on top of a handkerchief.

The people who the killer is estimated as: Renzo Carbaggi (27), a Nigerian footballer nicknamed ' lion of Florence '.

Luigi Minazio (20), a painter of famously dubbed ' walking brushes '

Giorgio Marca (31), a talented novelist who dubbed ' million faces '

Marco Zolapoli (35), a local politician who was called ' the face of iron '

Liva Ignazio (30), the mafia boss known as ' the face without sin '

Who the killer is..?? And why..??
71887 AngelDreams 2014-12-10 08:58:58

I ain't sure but feel its Liva Ignazio the mafia boss .. M stands for mafia and with a line above the letter M shows king logo .. The boss is definitely above all .. s-maybe
138 BOSs 2014-12-10 09:06:58

This Story doesn't provide any kinda clue to find the killer
All we can do is to give it a blind guess
190732 soumen007 2014-12-10 10:21:15

s-phone1 A.C.P pradumaan s-phone
106777 sumits60v2 2014-12-10 11:01:25

Well according to me.. Its the painter Luigi Minazio..

Everyone has some point against them.. But this sir, he is having a clean sheet out here..sounds like a conspiracy he plotted against everyone to escape successfully...
79048 Hinata 2014-12-14 15:43:30

The killer might be Giorgio Marca..

1. Among 5 people, novelist is the one who can cooperate with historian to write some novels. The disagreement between their cooperation might lead the novelist to murder the historian
2. The novelist has created many characters in his novel and he could incarnate any personality he want. He wasn't called "million faces" for no reason
3. The victim's hand were tied a little bit loose due to the novelist cossets his hands so he couldn't use much strength because he afraid his hands my got hurt (i was so confuse this with the painter because painter also cosset his hands but i don't think painter and historian might cooperate..)
4. Letter M might stand for Marca instead of Mafia because mafia boss rarely embark in murdering someone, most of the time his members will do it for him so that when some troubles will happen, the mafia boss will still be there to lead The Mafia

They are what i thought.. This story provided so less clues to figure out who was the real murderer
It should have more clues such as: the victim and suspects's background ; the relationship between suspects and victim ; the suspects's testimonies ; the evidences ; how was the victim was killed ; etc..
106777 sumits60v2 2014-12-14 21:48:40

Interesting deduction indeed..

I hope will get to a conclusion of this someday...
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