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Gud Way Breaking bad News
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58618 dkutprnt 2010-10-09 07:53:13

Dear Mom,
I know I haven't written for
three months, but I have been
very busy and I've been having
a very exciting time. Actually,
I'm just back from the hospital,
where I had spent a fortnight
about two months ago. It was
nothing, really - just a
concussion on the back of my
head, a broken leg and a
hairline fracture, that I got while
jumping out of the second floor
of my hostel when it caught fire.
In fact, I can now stand all by
myself without crutches, and
can almost see everything
perfectly, except for a slight
But don't worry. The doctor
says there is a good chance of
me walking on my own again.
Actually, it could have been
worse, if not for that nice chai-
walla (street tea vendor) who
saw me lying there in a dead
faint and rushed me to hospital.
He was very helpful, really, and
came to see me everyday in the
hospital. Now that I am out of
hospital, I had nowhere to go,
as the hostel is still under
construction. So when he
suggested that I move in with
him in his hut, I thought it was
very kind of him, and agreed.
We are very much in love now,
and I am sure that you and Dad
will surely like him and accept
him in the family. I am sure the
minor matter that he is fourteen
years older than me and that
he is of a different caste and
religion, will not matter at all to
broadminded parents like you.
He may be illiterate and poor,
but he has a heart of gold -
really, Mom, you should see
how he cares for both of us -
me and his wife, that is. She is
quite sweet too, and so are her
three children; so there is
absolutely no problem. You
must be wondering how you
and Dad got informed so late.
Don't get angry, Mom. We just
didn't have the time. You see,
we decided to get married only
recently since we thought it
would be unfair to let our baby
into the world without a proper
surname. Yes, Mom, you are
going to be a grandmother!
Congratulations! I am sure you
and Dad are delighted, and will
come to visit us in his village in
Mizoram after we shift there
next week.
OK Mom. All this did not really
happen. There was no fire, no
fracture, no bigamous chai-walla
and no illegitimate pregnancy.
But I did flunk in my
Mathematics exam, and I
wanted you to view this
problem in the right
Your Darling Daughter

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