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29/Male/chennai (current city),,india
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14-04-11 - 04:16:16
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1521 Hours, 51 Mins
Real Name:
Ashwani Singh
5ft 9"
govnt employee
special things
people who dont like me
Bad Habits:
i dont phone to old friends , relatives...all think i ignore them..
Good Habits:
i really think of my all friends, relatives and love them but they take me wrong when i dont call them..i m trying to change it.
chess, cricket
it depends on mood
More text:
in school days i was kind a guy who had no idea what z going around ,all i did was to play cricket .i was lost in my own life. in college time i used to dream alot .i can become this i can become that ..i got some good friends.
so in school days i was ignorant person then i slowly realised my potential..i started working on it. i have some achieved and some yet to achieve. i beleive in karma. good deeds bears good fruit .i dont retaliate. i have patience .but patience has limit.i get attracted to people who r intelligent.
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