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07-09-07 - 08:12:25
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7006 Hours, 31 Mins
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#!/perl/frndship/knowledge/technology.exe @AURO=("Absolute","Unpredictable","Rapid","Open-minded");
6 feet
Ethnic origin:
Punjabi, Indian (a human, above all)
Dark brown
I am a student and businessman
I like to learn from each and everything. I would be happy if you teach me. s-smiley
Generally I do not dislike anything. Everything has a reason for its existence. Most of the things are comparative in nature. Negative provides us a comparison base to appreciate the positive.
Bad Habits:
I submerge into programming too much!
Good Habits:
I work very hard. I help everyone. I wield the power to transform my enemies into friends. I just like to bring a smile on everyones face...
Working out. 'Riding' my majestic Royal Enfield, Bullet 350, Gymnastics.
A.R. Rehman, Sonu Nigam, Sukwinder, Shreya Ghoshal etc. I love serene music and serene songs
More text: is a dream to promote friendship and harmony through best features available in the world! wapSPELL is the only site in the world which provides you privacy features of its kind. We (you included) are a family that contribute towards social and decent environment. You will not get this anywhere in the world, believe me...

You would find me very friendly and helpful. I love to help as many people I can. Just tell me if you face any problem.

I live for my father and sister!
My thinking...
Misunderstandings, if solved can turn your most deadly enemies into best friends; Unsolved, can do fatal opposite too!

God and Science: My view
We may consider the nature as the God.
Science is the systematic study of Nature.
Hence, conclusively, Science is the systematic study of God.

God: You, me, everyone, everything jointly constitute towards the superpower called nature (the God).
Destiny: Destiny is a cumulative effect of what you, me, everyone, everything has been doing and is doing, deciding what you, me, everyone, everything will be doing in future.

Emotion sways you away from pure logic and reason...
But that is what distinguishes us from non-living things and makes our life beautiful and worth-living...
Successful is the person who knows how to maintain a balance of both...

Define... Split... Compartmentalize... Simplify... Conquer... Evolve...
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