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12-10-08 - 12:52:10
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3345 Hours, 39 Mins
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Hirdyesh tomar "Yash"
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Truth, caring and simple persons. Flowers, photography and visiting . dEEP fAiTH in God is my rEaL strength se-bspark mylogo: God se-bspark s-1rose se-bspark
Arrogants, scoffers and clever persons . I dont like unnecessary specifiction s-lol s-hammer
Bad Habits:
Less talking and more thinking....i am introvert. Im so emotional . I hate being idle and cannot see any one like it. se-bstar
Good Habits:
I dont knOw if you find then tell please. Well Speed is my passion . I like gardning and nature as its our best teacher after all. se-rosas se-bspark
Cricket, badminton, judo-karate and football . s-1n0ty
Serene and emotional music . se-rocker
More text:
color-blue((Music and art are the two basis of my is new impossible without
I hate irksomes s-lol I am not so good to accept because I am so much emotional and need me a reason if you delete from your buddylist. mylogo: emotional s-cry
-enlarge. By the way i am a friendly and simple guy thats why i am always eager about making good friends all over the world. I like roaming too much and i wish i could roam the whole world.

You can not buy love but you have to pay heavy for it :(

Know me by my poems-->

Don't breach Relations

Before and after falling in love
lots of vows are being sworned
to assure the partner
to materlize the plans
or to materlize the the scenes which were drawned
but sad to say
after couple of years
the relations start to pay
thier durability
thier own patience
all the charmings
all the cuteness
turns into the darkest darkness
each one starts to blame each other
without thinking ones own vices
without peeping into their own bad snaps
its there mere one cause
cause we have become too much modernn
endurance of relations is vanishing

patience is missing
please dont spoil the humanity
for your own egos
for your own angers
and dont let them intrude into your relations
if you dont want to see different types of versions
versions of your life

versions of your generations

dont let win the modern thoughts over your hearts
please dont breake the relations

live and let live. . .life is for being happy.

Eyes...the crooks!

Eyes have various functions
Their values is known to everyone
Their charmness has many versions
They are known as crooks
For an age, for a certain stage
They play their game for an interesting aim
And their prey lost into so easily so quickly
Because they get bagged so simply
They are shown different-2 beautiful dreams
Which may be like night mare or day dreams
They capture and memorize innumberabble images
Having attractive and pretty phases
They (eyes) make their prey run
They make their stun
And often they are fooled
And often they are used
Eyes show such dreams
Which have fatal streams
In which people are swayed
In which many are found
Having their broken, blurry or incomplete scenes
Now eyes are mean to see or they are means.

Unhe pake-khoke roye

KoI KhUshiyO Ki ChAh MaiN RoyE.
Koi DukHon Ki PanaH SE RoyE. AjEeb
SilsiLa Hai IsHq AuR MohaBBat KA.
Koi WaFa kE LiyE RoyE AuR KoI WafA
KaR kE RoyE
Wo din mein roye
Raat mein roye
Ishq karne wale har lamha roye
sitam itna karta hai ye ishq
ki log sab kuch gawa aur paa ke roye

Faltu hai ye darde mohbbat
Naadan log ye kehte hain
Kya jane ye
ki ishq to samajhdaar hi kiya karte hain

Na shikwa krta hu jamaney s koi, agar
maan jata mnaney s koi, fr koi bi ksi s
pyar ni krta, agar bhuul jata bhulaney s

Koi dusro ke liye roye
koi apnoke liye roye
hum to bus tere liye roye.

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Unki di hui khushiya chali thode din ke liye
ghamo ne sath nibhaya hamesha ke liye

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