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05-10-10 - 10:32:26
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586 Hours, 10 Mins
Real Name:
Ronnie (nickname). Pikachu and Python (alias)
Ethnic origin:
Homo Sapiens
SpIk3y. \\\||||///
big bg *_*
Education and Programming. I <3 both..
Teasing, Making noice, tasty dishes, Good girls, all my sisters, all my brothers, all kamina and langar friends, each and every attitude that I usually make... oversmart people (because when I point that out, they are like a pierced balloon).. LINUX
Creepy ppl those hu keep sayin d same thng o'er n o'er thnkng my sttmnt of rejection will change, evently it doesn't
Little bastardness. (I'm a bigger bastard than you are, smaller than Linus Torvalds though)
sm fucking admins who fucks "fuck"
Bad Habits:
FUCK. I follow the mantra "Don't reveal your own drawbacks to others"

Fuckers fuck even harder then....
So, before the fucker could fuck, I fuck 'em up....

(how can I fill up the Bad Habits sectn in GOOD words?)
Good Habits:
Are you fucking taking my interview.... Why am supposed to expose me?? FUCK. I am a bad boy. So, don't expect any good from meH hahahAHA....

The only good in being bad is that, No one says you're bad.. They says you're a nice guy by mistake.
Playing with hearts. Crysis3, Far Cry3, Prototype2, Limbo, Hurting overly sentimental Guys...
A.R.Rehmaan, 3nRiQue, Linkin PaRK, Akon, EupHoR|A (>!<), Ringtones
More text:
Ahem! This stupid formmaker is assuming that, I have wrote all the above statements about me..

Though, This is a more text section, So, I am filling it up with as much as text I can put on...

Here's I am.
==> Height: 5' 3" (I know thats short, but so what? I am happy being short)
==> Attitude: High (I know some don't like me, am I supposed to entertain every1?)
==> Job: less (not completed studies, though I make $40 (INR 2000) a month by tuition)
==> AGE: If the date is prior to 3rd August, Subtract 1997 from the Current year. If the said date is passed this year. Subtract 1996 from the current year to get my age.

==> Extra Curricular: I do painting, I play guitar, I do programming and I talk a lot.
==> Likes: HA hA hA! Fuck it for now. I'll whisper it later.
==> Dislikes: Depends. The same thing I like the most in me can be the thing I most dislike in you.

==> Friendliness: A lot. Only selected people can come in... I don't keep my buddylist dirty. But I take care those who care me back.
And those who don't care... GET A FUCK.


1. You will not flood my inbox by sending topic invites. Not you'll say me to "Like" a particular thing. That depends on me
2. You are not a kid under 12 Years. Because, I use some words which may lead your parents to cursing me like "That guy taught our child abusive things".
3. You won't try to be more smart than you are before me. Because, none but Linus Torvalds and Me can be oversmart and arrogant and intelligent as well.
4. You may not hate science.
5. You are not overly religious.
6. You comply with ALL THE ABOVE.

Now quotes time
1. Fuck the fucker before he gets chance to fuck you.
2. There is victory beyond fear. (darr ke aagey jeet hai)
3. FUCK YOU. (my fav. quote and most used)
4. IF you hurt me, wait for me to hurt you back, U know, I'll do it, but your waiting is your biggest punishment
6. You have noticed the No. 3 is missing. So what? I have written it down on myself and don't care the fucking numerical system that 3 comes before 4 and after 2.
7. You have noticed that, Instead of No. 3, actually No. 5 is missing. I am writing, Its my wish, my profile, who cares you?
8. Ahem! are you still waiting for me to care? GET A FUCK.
9. Oh.. Seems you're obvious that you are having a mix of beasty smile and anger.
10. Push the anger down. Follow Baba Ramdev (on twitter obviously) and develop the art of hiding anger.
11. Smile is coming to your face a little. You're getting interested on me (read the terms carefully)
12. Now, finally, send me a friend request.. If you are nice, the terms and conditions don't matter. I am no boss to order,
I believe in equality and So,

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